Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

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55 Eastern Hospital Road
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - One of many group costume themes in the South Stands at Hong Kong Rugby Sevens
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - South Stands at Hong Kong Rugby Sevens
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - South Stands at Hong Kong Rugby Sevens
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - Just smurfing it up.
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - Drunkeness
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - Me and the Steves
Hong Kong Rugby Sevens - Lan Kwai Fong - the place to be, unless you are claustrophobic.

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everywhereandnowhere everywhe…
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You don't need to like rugby, but you better like drinking May 21, 2012
Seems to be a consistent theme, but it wasn't really on my radar to go to Hong Kong to watch the rugby sevens. One of my pommie mates mentioned he was going with some mates and asked if I was interested - never one to turn down an opportunity to get loose overseas I said sure thing.

Several months later the weekend was upon us. Jumped on the midnight flight from Perth (4 pints down already), arrived at 7am in Hong Kong and so it began.

Day 1 - Thursday

Bit of an attempt at sightseeing, got the ferry across the bay and did a bit of shopping. I'd suggest putting together an itinerary prior to arrival rather than just winging it like we did - we were pretty over walking by the end of the day.

That night we met up with some girlfriends, had a top notch dinner at the Old China Club or something like that and then got absolutely shit faced at Lan Kwai Fong (and this wasn't even a big night) but things are real sketchy. Ended up in Wanchai at Bar 109 where I think i bought a controlling interest in the bar, according to my bank statement. Great times.

Day 2 - Friday

Huge hangover, not well at all. First thought, who gives a f*** about Hong Kong Sevens, staying in bed. We drag ourselves out of bed about 1pm to head to the pre match function organised as part of our tour group - free drinks from 2pm. Hammered by 4pm. By 6pm i've become separated from the rest of the group and by 9pm i've made some new friends in Wanchai. Party continues with new friends for rest of the night until I somehow stumble across Bar 109 again and am greeted with a 1 litre bottle of Grey Goose I hadn't finished off the night before. Party continues. At about 7.30am i realise it's 7.30am, fully aware that I should be getting ready and proceeding to South Stand to avoid queuing. Panic ensues. Quick exit, cab hailed. Arrive hotel. Proceed to cover myself in blue body paint (note painting yourself with bodypaint is incredibly hard). Semi successful smurf heads off up the street on a 20 min trek to the stadium. Must have looked a real sight - drunk smurf jogging through the streets of Hong Kong - only on Sevens weekend!

Day 3 - Saturday

So it's now Saturday morning about 9.30 and i've failed miserably - the queue for the south stand has already started. Epic fail. I compound this further by deciding i'll sit in the sun for a while and watch some footy - ie. i end up having to pose for photos for an hour. By the time I get my shit together and get back in the line, it now basically extends the length of the grandstand. Massive Fail. Resolving that the rest of the smurfs are in the South Stand, I join the line and make friends with some Dodgeball team, who turn out to be a bunch of legends. Just as well since we spend the next 6 hours together. Yes that's right people. At about 5pm we finally make it into the South Stand. I should mention as gay as standing in line was, it was a fair bit of fun, you can still duck out and buy drinks, food, piss etc, and there is a fair bit of line camaraderie going on, not to mention you have a captive audience, so make sure you line up next to some hotties ;) BUT I CAN'T EMPHASISE ENOUGH, DO NOT STUFF AROUND SATURDAY MORNING - GET THERE ABOUT 8-9AM NO LATER.

By the time I finally made it into the South Stand, i'd comfortably topped up from the previous night/morning and just as well. It is grade A debauchery by sundown in the South Stand. Awesome stuff. Finally found the right smurfs, after having an awkward moment with some French smurfs, and it all happens over again like deja vu. End up in Lan Kwai Fong - deadset out of control. Syringes full of jelly shots. Fat men with their shirts off. Cheap grog, drunk humans in fancy dress - I sing Sweet Caroline so much I now find myself waking up humming it. This is what it is all about. ALL TIME. This night doesn't go as late for me as about 2am I realise I haven't slept since Thursday night (for about 6 hours) and start feeling a bit dizzy - promptly proceed to hotel to pass into unconsciousness.

Day 4 - Sunday

Wake up not feeling particularly keen on another all day drinking session. Tell ourselves to harden the f*** up, this is Sevens. Get up about midday, head to ground suspecting another queuing situation. On arrival not as busy as suspected but still plenty of people there. Decide Pimms is the drink of choice for the day. Wise choice. About 1pm South Stand is full. We are on Pimms no.5 - I am still nursing myself. Sun down - I can hardly stand up as there are Pimms cups all over the ground. Feeling pretty good about myself so obviously hammered again. Fiji beat the Kiwis in the final. Life can't be better. Fireworks. HOW GOOD IS HONG KONG SEVENS haha. Next thing you know we're in Lan Kwai Fong again.... need I say more.

I'll be back next year!
Just smurfing it up.
Lan Kwai Fong - the place to be, u…
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Kman18 Kman18
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Rugby, Beer and Costumes Mar 27, 2011
The Hong Kong Sevens Rugby tournament happens every year on the last weekend of March. Rugby fans and party animals from all over the world descend upon the city of Hong Kong for some world class rugby and some serious drinking.

If you want to join the party animals then at the stadium you want to be in the South Stands, but get there early cause it does fill up as tickets are general admission. Although there are die hard rugby fans in the South Stands the majority of the people in this section are there to party. And the tradition is to do so in costume, you will find all kinds of costumes, from plain weird to sexy.

As for the rugby it is world class as teams from all over the world compete, this years big winner was New Zealand as the beat England in the Cup Final. The tournament starts the Friday afternoon and ends Sunday evening, and all three nights the party continues into the bar scene throughout Hong Kong

So if you are a big rugby fan or just want to go to a huge international party then the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is a must do.
South Stands at Hong Kong Rugby Se…
One of many group costume themes i…
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