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Hong Kong Disneyland Reviews

paullovestrek paullove…
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Other Disneylands are Better Nov 25, 2014
If you have been to other Disneyland Parks in other countries, you would be disappointed with the size and the attractions in HK Disneyland. Its a lot smaller than other Disneyland Parks (Paris, Orland, Tokyo are the ones I've seen) and the rides are quite few. We went on a Tuesday where foot traffic was quite low and got there at 10am. We rode all of the rides and visited all attractions and managed to finish everything by 5pm. Note that this includes 10-30mins wait for each ride. The parade was scheduled at 7:30pm then fireworks follows at 8pm. We didn't wait for both. We just wanted to go home since there's nothing else to see. Just to add, it also has the smallest sleeping beauty's castle that looked more like a prop that a real castle.
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tarmizi40 tarmizi40
18 reviews
Happier Place on Earth Jul 10, 2011
I've been there twice. Its smaller compared to the one in California.

It is located in Lantau Island, very near to Hong Kong airport. From Kowloon you can the train which will take you straight to the entrance.
the_world_is_mine18 the_worl…
3 reviews
That's it? May 16, 2011
If your life's dream is to see Mickey Mouse or Goofy, then it might be worth your time and money.

But for me, this is a boring place. The rides are very few and very lame. One whole day is too much to try everything. This is a just-so-there-is Disneyland. Not the happiest place on earth for me.
alvinmonteiro alvinmon…
8 reviews
Never too old to be young again Dec 28, 2010
Hong Kong Disneyland, I can say it is the most affordable Disneyland for us in Asia. For about 45USD, you can spend the whole day in Disneyland for unlimited rides and activities until the firework displays at night.I suggest that you stay a night in Disneyland (there are 2 hotels here), so that you don’t have to rush after the firework displays.

At the moment, Hong Kong Disneyland is still not fully developed yet. There will be a new phase coming up before Shanghai Disneyland. There are 4 main theme parks here, Main Street, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. Each have its own Restaurants and also souvenir shops. You can also take the Disneyland Railroad for a grand tour of Hong Kong Disneyland, an excursion style train.

On the bad side, food is rather expensive in Disneyland. A decent 8 course meal for a family of 4 cost you about 130USD, so be prepared for some spare cash for food. Otherwise, this is a wonderful place to be young again!
Fountain that welcome you to Disne…
Main Street train station
Well Said :)
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ely1027 ely1027
2 reviews
Great for kids Sep 12, 2010
We went to Disneyland on the last day of our 3-day Hongkong trip. I purchased the tickets online hoping to avoid the cue at the entrance but we still lined up at the regular ticket booth. We didn't find out until later that the guest relations booth were just a little further than the regular ticket booth. That's tip no. 1. There are also travel agencies that sell the ticket for a significant discount. Too bad I only found out about this when I got home. Google-fu failed me on this one.

Disneyland Hongkong is in Lantau Island, which is a bit far from where we were staying in HK island - about an hour's trip via MTR. Since Ngongpin was also on Lantau Island, we went there first to visit the Giant Buddha, Po Lin monastery and ride the cable car before going to Disneyland.

Meals, snacks, drinks and souvenirs in Disneyland are expensive. Luckily, we were able to bring in our own snacks (bought from Citygate Outlet mall from Tung Chung MTR) and a bottle of water each. The guards at the Disneyland entrance didn't seem to mind as long as you're not bringing in a whole picnic basket.

It was HOT so we were glad to have our umbrellas and that bottle of water. When it got too hot, we took refuge in the numerous souvenir shops with airconditioning (a last resort because the sudden drop in temperature was actually painful brrr). The lines were long at the most popular rides so we were glad we had our umbrellas for shade while cueing.

We ate our lunch in Po Lin monastery so we weren't able to sample any of the food in the park, except for some ice cream (overpriced but a relief from the heat).

The first thing we did in the park was meet Minnie and Mickey. They just happened to be in Main Street when we got in. We cued up but alas, when it was our turn, Minnie and Mickey had to take a 5min break. Couldn't blame them, I think I would die if I had to wear those costumes for more than a minute. Anyway, we got our pic taken with them, later with Goofy and Stitch. Pluto had the shortest line but since we don't particularly like Pluto, we skipped. I guess everyone else thought the same. Souvenir photos will cost you around HK$100+ but you have the option of buying these photos at the Kodak store in Main Street or just to take your own picture. Just give your camera to the Mickey's crew and they will happily take your picture.

There's a money changer in City Hall but just like Ocean Park, the exchange rates are much lower compared to what you will get in Kowloon or TST. So if you must spend, bring enough HK$.

There are only 4 areas in the park: Main Street; Adventureland; Fantasyland; and Tomorrowland. We breezed through (skipped) Main Street (mostly souvenir shops) and went directly to Fantasyland where they have the High School Musical show at around 130pm. Based on our experience, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland had the most popular (longest lines) rides and shows - tea cup, dumbo, small world, Mickey's philharmonic, stitch, buzz lightyear, electric cars, etc. Adventureland was the fastest to finish.

It was my first time to go to Disneyland and so for the experience, I paid the HK$350 ticket to see for myself. In the end, maybe it was too hot and the lines too long or maybe I'm just too old to fully appreciate the park and its attractions. So my advise is, if you're like me and you're not really into the whole magical kingdom and kitschy tourist thing, skip Disneyland and just go to Ocean Park (cheaper and larger, with sealions, pandas and dolphins!) or better yet, have a relaxing afternoon in Hongkong Park or Zoological and Botanical Garden (free! no sealions but it has birds, primates and reptiles).
Lasttraveller Lasttrav…
61 reviews
I love Minnie mouse Dec 20, 2009
I always wanted to go to Disneyland of course a themepark based for children but always watching those shows as a kid I am sure you will find somewhat enjoyment even if an adult.

They play a few shows, there is the one with all the characters from the disneyland films and they dance and sing. I like how they get up on wires and everything.

The second show is about the Lion King which has a lot of tribal dances and fake animals moving around. Best part is the fire sticks.

The last show is an interaction of Stitch who actually talks on screen to people.

You can wonder around and find many rides, and there are also the characters walking around themselves. I manage to get a photo with all the characters, there was no one even there they were so happy when I came over. My favourite ride was the buzz lightyear roller coster it totally spins you out I must of went on it twenty times but they made me run around the etrance every time instead of staying on as I was only one there which was lame.

The parade is real great, I loved the costumes and friendly waves. Lastly the fireworks go off and they are brilliant. So I would have to say this place is awesome and you will have fun no matter what age you are as everyone has a bit of Disney in them.

You can just go to airport after if you have flight, there is a train link to it.
Disney Hong Kong
Disney Hong Kong
Disney Hong Kong
Disney Hong Kong
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cax cax
48 reviews
It's all magic May 15, 2008
Haveing a stop over in Hong Kong, requires a visit at Disneyland. The park is not as gigantic as the US parks, which makes it possible to get around in a day, and hence suitable for like a one day stay in Hong Kong, and perfect for the location.

In my mind Hong Kong is a nice place to be for 2-3 days - and an interesting gateway to asia - but not a place where you would stay for a week or two, another reason why the size of the Disneyland Hong Kong is just about right because you can do it in a days stop over, and once you've placed your feet in Hong Kong - you have to go here.

Being here really makes your mind wonder, it is like magic because you feel that you are in a totally diffrent world of phantasy and adventure and time flies here.

The 3 main shows are all well worth watching - It's High School Musical Live, Lion King Festival and Disney On Parade - very well organised shows and especially the effects on the Lion King Festival amazed me.

Once you are inside, all attractions are free of charge and the park is really not as expensive to be in as I had feared. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!
Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Hong Kong
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the_bloodsucker the_bloo…
33 reviews
Feb 24, 2008
Visiting the Disneyland Park is a must for every traveler in Hong Kong. So what if you are not a kid anymore? I believe all of us are child at heart.

Unlike the other Disney parks (Anaheim, Florida, Tokyo, etc.), this is created to be enjoyed in one day. Step into a wondrous world of exciting and enchanting lands which are divided into four areas:

THE ADVENTURE PARK (my personal favorite) which features cruise hippo-thrilled rivers, overgrown jungles and Tarzan's treehouse. But the show called THE FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING is a must see!

TOMORROWLAND showcases many futuristic ideas and thrilling, out-of-this-world adventures. Characters such as Buzz Lightyear and stitch will greet you here! Don't miss the Space Mountain ride and feel like a real

space rider!

FANTASYLAND is home to our favorite princesses like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Also, The Golden Mickey's which is a grand, star-studded gala that celebrates great Disney classics like Mulan, Disney-Pixar's Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch is not to be forgotten. By the way, this show is only presented here in Hong Kong Disneyland. My other favorite is Mickey's Philharmagic, where one will Live a 3-D adventure with Mickey Mouse and his pals.

U.S.A MAIN STREET is a quaint boulevard exudes the small-town charm of more than one hundred years ago. This is home to new and unique attractions such as Animation Aacademy, Mickey's House and Muppet Mobile Lab. The Disney Pararade crosses here, too. And before the day ends at the Main Street, one can witness the night sky come alive with this dazzling pyrotechnic pageant with Disney In The Stars!

HOW TO GET THERE: Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, and is accessible via an array of convenient transportation options. What I recommend is by MRT Disney Resort Line, where it is conveniently located Disneyland Resort Station is your gateway into the magic. It's faster and CHEAPER!

You may aslo check their website www.disney.com.hk for more info.
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