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Taking a step back into Spanish colonial times is a rare treat, and when you combine that with the ancient Mayan ruins, the majesty of the national Parks, both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, as well as the Bay Islands, Honduras should absolutely be considered the jewel of Central America. The second largest country in the region, it borders Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Honduras is a destination that is safe for all levels of travelers, although recent political events have made certain parts of the country somewhat instable. Visitors are advised to pay attention to the local media, and play it safe when regarding any sort of public demonstrations that you might see going on in the streets. Check with the BBC or CNN, or the local embassy, for up-to-date information on what is going on within the country before you decide to make a trip.

Honduras is a developing country. As such, many things are still in a transition period. Tourism is an expanding industry, and while the people themselves are extremely laid-back, the food is beyond description, and the beauty of the country is without comparison, there are still parts of Honduras that are considered relatively undiscovered. While you will be able to find luxury accommodations in all the major cities, there is a vast difference between the developed portions of the country and the undeveloped.

If you're here for beaches and snorkeling, then the Bay Islands are your destination. However, the beauty of Gracias, a colonial mountain town, is unparalleled, and visiting Copan will get you up close and personal with some of the most amazing Mayan ruins in the entire Central and South American region. Not to mention the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, which is the largest tropical rain forest of Central America.

Transportation is dependent upon where you happen to be within the country. First-time travelers should stick to the cities, while veteran adventurers will feel comfortable heading out into the brush for a little more culture.

Roatan #1 most popular location
Roatán, located between the islands of Útila and Guanaja, is the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands. The most populous town of the island is Coxen Hole, capital of Roatán municipality, lo…
74travelers 24reviews 35blogs
San Pedro Sula #2 most popular location
This is going to be best piece of advice you get here, this place is dangerouse please don't stay here I was attacked here and I stayed one night in Copan and met guy who got stabbed, we both…
23travelers 6reviews 9blogs
Utila #3 most popular location
Utila is an island off the coast of Northern Honduras. This small island is home to about 3,000 locals and more than a dozen diving shops. Even though prices have escalated over the past fe…
23travelers 27reviews 22blogs
Copan Ruinas #4 most popular location
Copan Ruinas or the Copan Ruins are a star Mayan attraction not just in Honduras but, along with Tikal, Chichen Itza and Palenque, in the whole of Central America.... if Tikal is about size a…
7travelers 6reviews 4blogs
Copan #5 most popular location
Copan is the famed Mayan archaeological city in western Honduras that at one time had a population of 24,000 residents. The ruins are well taken care of and are an impressive site. The to…
9travelers 4reviews 29blogs
Tegucigalpa #6 most popular location
Of all the major Central American cities, Tegucigalpa's climate is among the most pleasant due to its high altitude. Like much of central Honduras, the city has a tropical climate, though tem…
40travelers 1reviews 15blogs
La Ceiba #7 most popular location
It is the third largest city in Honduras, containing roughly 250,000 people. The town is just beginning to have a tourist infrastructure for westerners. There are good hotels, ATM machines an…
8travelers 7reviews 10blogs
Tela #8 most popular location
2reviews 1blogs
Gracias #9 most popular location
2reviews 4blogs
Los Naranjos #10 most popular location
4reviews 2blogs
Roatan Island #11 most popular location
11travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Omoa #12 most popular location
Santa Rosa de Copan #13 most popular location
West Bay #14 most popular location
West bay is a beautiful, picturesque vilage just to the south of West End. A number of hotels line the beach along with restaurants and a couple of dive shops. West Bay offers exceptional s…
1reviews 2blogs
Trujillo #15 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Lago de Yojoa #16 most popular location
Lake Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras and it is situated on the road between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.
Comayagua #17 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
West End #18 most popular location
A sleepy village on the " West End" of Roatan, that serves as the main epicentre of diving for the island. Around 8 - 9 dive shops are based here as well as numerous restaurants and accomodat…
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Puerto Cortez #19 most popular location
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Sambo Creek #20 most popular location
La Esperanza #21 most popular location
Taulabe #22 most popular location
Lake Yojoa #23 most popular location
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San Buenaventura #24 most popular location
Santa Rita #25 most popular location
Danli #26 most popular location
Choluteca #27 most popular location
Limon #28 most popular location
Oak Ridge #29 most popular location
Oak Ridge is a small town of 5,000 native residents that is on the south side of Roatan Island. Oak ridge has a rather remote setting and is not much of a tourist destination because it is h…
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Palmira Resort #31 most popular location
Las Manos #32 most popular location
San Isidro #33 most popular location
Yuscaran #34 most popular location
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Agua Caliente #35 most popular location
Guasaule #36 most popular location
Sula #37 most popular location
El Amatillo #38 most popular location
Pena Blanca #39 most popular location