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Hometown: London, England, UK
Location: Manchester, England, UK
Join Date: August 20, 2009
Contributions: Holeydel has written about 70 places, shared 938 photos, left 348 comments.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs
Countries I've Traveled To
Languages Spoken
English and a little bit of cockney
Books you might find in my backpack
Music you might find me listening to while waiting for my plane
Most Memorable Travel Experience
In South Africa I went to a pub that was inside a boabab tree. That's inside the actual tree - I had to see it to believe it. It's the biggest boabab tree in the world, 26 metres in diameter and over 6000 years old. I think.

Falling through clouds is pretty awesome. I'm thinking it must be a bit like how Tony Montana feels when he plants his face into a heap of cocaine in the movie Scarface. I really ought to go to Central America and make the comparison... anyroad, back on the topic. Flying through clouds dude, there really is no other feeling and is impossible to describe without a smile growing on my face. I'm even grinning as I type this...

After spending nine days trekking to Mount Everest, I went about whooping which caused a deep rumbling avalanche somewhere on Everest or one of its neighbors. Whilst I send my condolences to the families of any trekkers I might have wiped out, you gotta admit causing a Himalayan avalanche is pretty fucking cool.
Right then, this is the part where I talk about myself without the aid of a sofa and an internet qualified shrink. A little different to what I'm used to but nothing I can't handle.

I'm a regular guy from London who loves dogs, festivals, cheap jewellery, bubble wrap, illegal raves, bright colours, riding motorbikes at night with trance music playing in my ears, foreign food, people who cook me foreign food, a good biro...

I don't like to travel and I'm not open minded.

I can never resist a good bungee jump and my two ambitions in life is to gain a skydiving license, which I've got already - I should really update this, and to touch a great white shark - without getting my arm ripped off. My aim in life is to create as many new and diverse memories as I can so when I'm an old man sitting on a rocking chair out on the porch and my equally old companion sitting next to me asks, 'What did you get up to in your young days?' I'll be able to give him an answer that will cause the poor bugger to have a cardiac arrest.
mraoult says:
Hi Holeydel,
My boyfriend and I are traveling to Iceland between June 18th and June 28th we'd really like to join you guys!

We're very easy going and respectful.We're planning on hiking and camping. We'd like to drive around the island and explore as much as we can.

If you're interested we'd love to chat more, over skype or whatever platform ;)

Marie & Phil
Posted on: May 24, 2017
CMTinPHX says:
Liked your post about CS. :-)
Posted on: Mar 24, 2017
spocklogic says:
Posted on: Mar 15, 2017
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