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Platzl 9, Munich, Germany
www.hofbraeuhaus.de - +49 (0) 89/29 01 36-0
Hofbrauhaus - The huge muggs of beer served at the HB
Hofbrauhaus - Me and some coworkers.
Hofbrauhaus - Me and my Asian friends...lol. I looked messed up dont I...hahah
Hofbrauhaus - From the front
Hofbrauhaus - A traditional Bavarian band

Hofbrauhaus Munich Reviews

nomad_lel nomad_lel
3 reviews
Uber-impressive! Jul 08, 2011
So this is one of the oldest beer halls in Munich - founded by monks originally!! (Where munich got its name from). And I must confess the only beer hall we visited, but it was amazing!! The waitresses can carry up to 6 x 1L mugs of beer at a time!! And a pretzel and bratwurst too!! And the beer is gooood! THey have a seasonal selection, for sale by litre of half litre (got to love that!??) and its not shockingly expensive - considering the size!! You can also have a shandy (watered down with lemonade) for the less hard-core beer drinkers. But great atmosphere, and well worth a visit. Although, be warned, don't come here if you're in a rush - as you can imagine, lots of people, big place - service can be slow.
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jdig0304 jdig0304
35 reviews
Famous Beerhall Jun 04, 2011
Munich is a beer drinking town and as such you have to see the most famous beer hall in the world. Hitler himself used to give speeches in this establishment and that is just the tip of iceberg in the history department of this place. On any given day you are going to bump into many tourists browsing around the joint. However you'll also see the famous beer culture courtesy of the 'regulars'. A liter of beer will cost you 8 euro and its some of the best beer in town. The summer will see an influx in the tourist crowd. The best time to go is during the offseason. It is a must see and definiately a must drink.

The downstairs is the rowdy floor where locals and tourists will be drinking together. For a more intimate setting head to the second floor where there more of a restaurant setting. The third floor is a great room with a stage which offers a good mix of rowdiness and relaxation with less tourists.

Be warned : The souvinier shop is overpriced.
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kensadventures kensadve…
3 reviews
Fun tourist trap May 23, 2011
So what if it's a tourist trap? This is a great place to come to people watch, to drink a liter of beer, and to take a stab at ordering something on the menu you might be able to eat.

There's usually a band playing, loads of jet-lagged tourists getting smashed, lots of bored teenagers looking at all the adults drinking, etc.

Besides, I think it's some sort of law that you pay at least one visit to the Hofbrauhaus when you visit Munich. Prost!
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Janschki Janschki
2 reviews
Good beer, good entertainment, good fun Feb 09, 2011
Well, Munich isn't cheap. BUT nevertheless the Hofbräuhaus is constantly crowded with both tourists and a couple of very old bavarian people who started going to the Hofbräuhaus 70 years ago and will not stop their tradition even though now 80% of the people are tourists.

You will see them wearing Lederhosn and Dirndl, and if you're lucky, they might even start to dance and jodel with the traditional Bavarian music.

The beer, of course, you drink in litres (1 mass) and as quick as possible so it won't get warm.

All in all, it is the perfect place to get drunk, though not as down-to-earth-bavarian as many other places nearby. Still, I quite enjoy going there myself and beating the beer-lightweights I meet ;) ...
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HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
A good spot to stop at Jun 11, 2010
I'm not a beer drinker, but this place had the biggest beer mugs I have ever seen-it was insane! The food was good for a dose of German food and now that I'm back in the US, I just can't find a good kanoodle. The plate of food might look a little small, but the food is very filling.

I think one of the reason's this place is famous is because Hitler reportedly stood on the tables to give speechs about all the crap he was promoting at the time. I'm not sure if this is the original building or if there was another.

The gift shop has great steins and other knick knacks worth looking at. You can eat indoors or outdoors.
From the front
A traditional Bavarian band
dannyrock4 dannyroc…
31 reviews
excellent drinking place Sep 24, 2010
Although this place is more expensive than other beer halls in Germany its definalty recommended you visit there. Its a hugh beer hall with nothing by litre's of beer flowing in every direction, its great fun, great entertainment, A MUST DO!!
JudgeDredd JudgeDre…
37 reviews
A Must When Visiting München Apr 04, 2009
If you are in München you must stop in at the Hofbräuhaus! Even if it is just to walk around and take in the atmosphere. There are far better places to drink for much less, but the Hofbräuhaus is a fun experience even if some may find it too touristy.

If you go on a busy night it will take awhile to find a table. Best thing to do is find one with a few open seats and just invite yourself to join whoever is at the table, chances are you will end up having a great conversation with fellow travelers.
rrodjr1931 rrodjr19…
7 reviews
Aug 04, 2007
Whats up people? Just came back from a weekend in Bavaria, Germany. Man what an experience.... Spent one day in Munich. It was amazing. However, if you dont care for a city feel with tons of different nationalities and busy streets you may feel differently. Im from NYC so I felt right at home. I must say that the people dress exceptionally well here... even for an afternoon stroll the Gucci loafers come out!lol. Its great to people watch over in the Marienplatz...trust me you'll see it all, from locals dressed in lederhosen to Arab women dressed from head to toe in garbs.

I ate across from the Rathaus-Glockenspiel of Munich, which is the most famous glockenspiel in the world and was highly dissapointed to see that it didnt go off at 9PM due to ongoing construction. Actually, I was a little ticked off because I settled for the restaurant across from it just for the view... The food sucked and the service was two times worse. My advise is to take your pictures and eat somewhere else that may be worth it. I still enjoyed the experience though.

After dinner I went over to the Hofbrauhaus am Platzl with some coworkers... Its a beer hall that is a must see in my opinion...There were tons of tourist there, but there were plenty of local nationals as well... They had the traditional German music band live... them guys were jammin in their lederhosen.. They had the place rockin'...You sit at a table with total strangers... Amazing how drinking a brew together will convert a stranger into a friend in about 2 minutes flat... Before I knew it I was up on my feet singing songs I didnt even know with the local guys and some Japanese tourist who I couldnt communicate with due to language barriers, but understood through gestures....lmao. They were so much fun and rowdy as all hell... My kind of people. After cheering "Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit..." we clanked our huge muggs and chugged down some good German beer. One of the German guys was married to an Indian girl... The coolest people ever. She went and bought the hugest pretzels Ive ever seen so that we had something to go with our beers... kudos to her!! LOL. However the most amazing thing was watching this girl/waitress carry like 4 of those heavy muggs in each hand without a sweat in her brow...

If your in Munich AKA Munchin you have to visit this place.. I didnt want to leave and Im not even a bar person (I prefer lounges and clubs)!! I was told that the English Haofbarauhaus is also a must see, but unfortunately I didnt have the time. Well hope this helps!! Prosit
The huge muggs of beer served at t…
Me and my Asian friends...lol. I l…
Me and some coworkers.
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peppertm says:
Hofbrauhaus is absolutely a must-see when in Munich. It was loads of fun!
Posted on: Sep 01, 2009
mellemel8 says:
heehee i went here too :) there is one in vegas also.
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
nyg5011 says:
wonderful, I have been looking forward to a giant pretzel for 4 years (since one of my buds went there) and i remember that cheer from high school german class...
thank you for the awesome review and some memories too :)
Posted on: Aug 12, 2007

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