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strandvejen 234, Hennekirkeby, Denmark

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Henne Kirkeby Kro Hennekirkeby Reviews

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Amazing local food at the old inn Sep 17, 2014
In the old days in Denmark it was tradition for the local inn to be located right next to the local church. This is also the case in Hennekirkeby where the local inn - or kro in Danish - is located right next to the local church. As time has passed the inn and the church is pretty much what is left of this old village and most of the action has moved to the two nearby villages - Henne Strand (meaning beach) and Henne Stationsby (meaning station city). So today the inn has been left behind alone - and yet for some strange reason this inn has made it to the culinary map of Denmark.

The head chef is Paul Cunningham who used to run a restaurant with a Michelin star right next to Tivoli in Copenhagen before he decided to pack it up and leave from the most populated part of Denmark to pretty much the least populated part of Denmark. Out here he run a restaurant at a high level - it takes pride in using a lot of local produce - indeed most of the vegetables comes from 4.000 square meters garden (almost an acre) and fish is bought at the local fish auction where the local fishermen brings their catches from the North Sea to sell in the morning. Same goes for the much of the meat and many of the cheeses which are produced at small local diaries close by. But the restaurant isn’t dogmatic like Noma banning all none Nordic ingredients from the menu - so you can expect a bit of caviar and truffle to make its way to some of the dishes you eat during your meal.

The restaurant only got two menus to choose from - a small one and a big one. But seriously who will go to the end of Denmark to eat here and then pick the small menu? Obviously we go for the full menu with snacks and everything.

We are eating on a Wednesday which is pretty quite - it seems nobody makes it all the way out here at a weekday out of season so only a few visitors are sitting along with us in the restaurant. I ask about this in the morning and they say the hotel and restaurant is actually fully booked on every Saturday for the next two months bare one which they expect to sell out pretty soon. So I guess this is solely a weekend destination for people from Copenhagen coming for some good food and fresh air.

The food arrives with some snacks coming first - among them are some flowers from the garden along with some homemade potato chips. The flowers are a bit sour which is actually a good companion for the salty chips so I get a few of these along with a couple of other good snacks to get the evening going.

One of the snacks is sort of a pizza with a lot of cheese on the top - the pizza taste is good - but when you eat this is sort of makes a mess due to all the cheese on top. The waiter didn’t clean this up so our bread plate was a bit messy for the rest of the meal which I figure is substandard service for a place in this category.

After the snacks are done the food starts to arrive and we start out with a couple of oyster caught in the sea only a few miles from where the restaurant is located.

Next up is another local catch from nearby in the form of a small lobster followed by mullet and salted olive. The taste start off slow with the oysters not being the most flavorful dish but as the meal progressed the flavors became ever more present in the dishes.

After the fish we jumped to cabbage - you would normally not think much of a dish which has cabbage as the main ingredient - but it was actually a very good dish maybe my favorite of them all. Maybe the fact the cabbage was served along with bone marrow and truffles help make it more interesting than just plain cabbage.

We head to a main with a bit of veal before the sweets starts to arrive in the form of roasted figs with maple syrup followed by a couple of more sweets arrive.

We leave the restaurant very full and happy due to the fact we only have to walk the short distance to our room to relax after a big meal.
The sign
The main building
The kitchen garden
The kitchen garden
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christine4321 says:
The meal, looked like it was delicious!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2015
halilee says:
Congrats on your featured review!! :D
Posted on: Dec 17, 2014
vances says:
Sounds like a culinary experience, but a bit disappointing at the same time - appreciate the honest review!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2014
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gingerbatik gingerba…
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Henne Kirkeby Kro Sep 17, 2014
Another hotel located far far away from Copenhagen and not much to see around the hotel area except beach and a small church located next door from the hotel. Since this is our gourmet holiday, so we stay in the hotel which is famous for it is restaurant with the best food to enhance our palate and our dining experience.

The hotel history back dates to the 1790, where the famous bird painter Johannes Larsen found many of his designs in early 1900-century. He enjoyed hunting, and a good meal at the inn, where the art still plays the most important role during that era. Today, the hotel belongs to Fænø Gods, operated by the Family Skouboe and the main hotel is now filled with modern art photography.

The main building of the hotel has a traditional house with a thatch roof with restaurant at the ground floor and probably three rooms at the first floor.

The hotel also has develop it is own garden from the herbs, vegetables and fruits, to be self-sufficient and produce fresh food to the restaurant kitchen.

We arrive quite late at the hotel around 6.30pm at night, and after check in we were given the key and instruction to our room which located at the new hotel building a couple house away from the main building and it was dubbed as a Hunters Lodge in memory of a building that once stood beside the hotel. Not much service at the first time – since no one show the room.

The hotel itself build as a contemporary and modern house with modern amenities, plenty of glass window around the house and key card to enter the front door and open the room.

Inside the hotel, plenty of hunter trophy on display along the hallway to the room.

Our room no.4 is really spacious, with plenty of windows and French windows in the middle of the room leading to our own terrace with chairs and table outside the room, facing the greenery. The room size probably around 60 sqm with living room and it is comfortable sofa, desk to do work, huge shower, 2 separate hand basin from shower and separate toilet. Everything is very modern inside the room and require high technology. The telephone itself really interesting, first I thought it was a bed side lamp, but I could not find the button, and it actually a modern art phone.

We also received a complimentary fruits on the table and a box of candy in our room. The dinner and breakfast menu was in the card on the table.

The dinner was good and food was plentiful. I found the service was a bit slow and not that attentive like other fine dining.

The hotel cost DKK 5,075 (€682) per night for two people including gourmet dinner and breakfast in the morning. I will review the restaurant separately.

The breakfast was fantastic with interesting concepts, where we get our food from the basket which supplied to the table. In addition to this, we also get hot cook meal from the kitchen. We leave the hotel happy with a very full stomach.
the hotel main building
the hotel sign on the wall
the hotel main building
the hotel main building
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cotton_foam says:
Wow, another first class accommodation there, Yunni!
Posted on: Nov 05, 2014
westwind57 says:
Sixty square meters room, that is generous, and I guess for that price the food must have been generous in quality too. Can't wait to read the restaurant review :)
Posted on: Nov 05, 2014
gingerbatik says:
@rsvpme - yes Jim, I like good food:)

@Chokk - wait till you see more review of the restaurants:)
Posted on: Nov 02, 2014
gingerbatik gingerba…
537 reviews
Henne Kirkeby Kro Restaurant Sep 17, 2014
Our dinner set at 7.30pm at night and we were the second hotel guests who arrive for dinner. We explore the hotel garden which located at the back of the main building before we enter the restaurant which located at the main building of the hotel. We saw a couple of staff picking berries and they said it was for our dinner, which is nice and fresh.

At the restaurant, we were seated near the kitchen door with a good view toward the whole restaurant so we can see who and who having dinner at this place – but nobody we recognise here. Unfortunately it was a bit noisy, and we can hear people talking and telephone ringing from the next door and staff go in and out from the kitchen door.

Since the dinner was part of our stay in the hotel, we do not have to choose the menu – it was included in the hotel price and we have the menu card available in our hotel room and we know what type of food we will get.

The snacks arrived not long after we were seated. I skip the olives since I had bad experience eating olives when I was in Morocco and still traumatised with it. The second snack of potatoes chips with mix flowers was interesting – each has different taste especially when eat it with different flowers. The next snack was bacon with cacao mustard and carrot wrap with bacon which is very tasty.

I found, at the first starter the food was quite plain, but the food taste built up after that and get better and better.

I enjoy the dining experience here and the food quantity was good and plentiful – not just one bite like other Michelin award restaurant and the wine serving was generous.

One minus point about this place - the restaurant service was a bit lacking. There were several waiter serving the table but not specify serve one table at any time (like other Michelin award restaurant). The waiter did not take the dirty plate straight away from our table when we finished the meal and wait until we have our next course, and we have bread crumb on the table when we cut the bread our self and nobody clean the table even after the dessert –which I found not a pleasant experience, especially at this kind of establishment where you pay for the food and service.

A couple of times, I have to wait for the waiter for my mineral water refill on the table.

The restaurant was not that busy, and we found out after talking with the waiter, it seems she is a new employees just a couple months ago work there.

Overall – I would recommend the food as it was fresh and delicious, just lacking the service.
olive & peach vert
herb & salted solist potatoes
inside restaurant
bacon with cacao mustard and carro…
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