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78 Stadhouderskade, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Heineken Experience Amsterdam Reviews

prince123 prince123
7 reviews
Heineken Experience Apr 23, 2013
The Heineken Experience, located in the heart of Amsterdam is definitely a must-see! The former Heineken brewery – where the magic has been happening for over 100 years – is transformed into a thrilling interactive display of the fascinating world of Heineken, especially for Heineken fans.

This is not the Heineken Museum, this is the Heineken Experience. Why? Because four levels of interactive experiences in the former brewery will plunge you chin deep into the fascinating world of Heineken! Come and see. Meet the beer. Share the magic!! Njoy!!
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kelleb kelleb
22 reviews
great brewery tour! Jan 31, 2011
The Heineken Brewery tour was an awesome thing to do in Amsterdam! The cost of this self-guided tour is 15 euros, and includes two glasses of Heineken at the end of the tour. My favorite part was this interactive 4-D part, where you go in a little room with about 20 other people, there is a big screen with a guy that "takes you through the Heineken brewing experience." For example, the guy says, "let's take a closer look," as he jumps into a giant pint size glass of beer, and as he jumps in water splashes you a little.. and later they show all the bottles flying down the conveyor belt and then the thing you are standing on bounces up and down like you're a bottle! It was pretty neat.. there is also a part where you can make a "music video" where you sing along to a Dutch song and it's similar to being in front of a green screen so it looks like you are on a boat in the canal.. it's really funny and afterwards you enter your e-mail and it sends you the video! Overall it was really fun and unique.. they have a bunch of really neat interactive displays and bright signage.. I would highly recommend it if you're in Amsterdam!
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kellyhart says:
I agree the Heineken Factory was an amazing place to visit!
Posted on: Sep 25, 2012
kelleb says:
thanks Sam !! Yes you should definitely check it out.. I enjoyed it !!
Posted on: Feb 16, 2011
SamsTravels says:
Great Review! I am going to Amsterdam in a few weeks and are reading up on things to do whilst I am there! Thanks for teh tip about this attraction! Sam :@)
Posted on: Feb 16, 2011
Stigen Stigen
71 reviews
The one thing not to miss while in Amsterdam ! Jun 21, 2011
When i went for a wekend trip to Amsterdam this seemed like the right place to go, as I am eternally in love with beer!

There were lots of tourists there, but that is difficult to avoid anytime.. The admittance is 15€, so not too bad.

I heard someone else describe it as a Willy Wonka brewery experience, and I think that is a pretty good description. It starts of with some innovative cinema movies about the origin of Heineken done by a barman. Then there is the area where all the tourists(me including) are lining up to get a shot with the heineken mascots. There are also lots of interesting displays of the history and development of beer making, and why Heineken is so superior(they evidently have a special yeast). I thought the rectangular bottles made to be used as bricks in developping countires was interesting ! That`s recycling in practice!

What makes this stand out is the level of interactivity of the activities. There is the "become a beer bottle experience" which is where you are watching a cinema close up of the beer from start until you are bottled. All the while the room is shaking and water squirting on you head. Then in another section you can be a Dj.

Then there is the room where you can dance to dutch drinking songs with yourselves pasted into a scenery (riverboat, in front of a windmill etc.)

There is also the chance to try to be a bartender filling a perfect pint wihtout foam (computerized).

Only thing that could be better is....drumroll....MORE BEER !

First beer was like a 150 ml glass in a sort of a tasting session with a whole group. 150 ml isnt going to keep me happy for long !

Then at the end the have a bar-like setting with music and disco lights where you can have 2 300 ml bottles. So in total it works out like a pint.

The shop at the end has some really cool items - I frequently wear my Heineken cap!

I think it was a bit pricey though, specially considering it must be great commercial value for them. At half the price I think I would have bought lots more stuff :)
the ticket !
cinema of history
bartender movie
obligatory props shot !
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bimmerfunn bimmerfu…
4 reviews
Surprisingly interesting Aug 14, 2011
I've been going to Amsterdam for many years and have always passed on the Heineken experience, since it''s not a functioning brewery. I went when it was first re-opened, and was plesantly surprised. YES, there is a fair ammount of corny stuff, but, all in all, it's an excellent experience. In fact, I might return again!
HeidiKoelle HeidiKoe…
3 reviews
A great way to spend a layover. May 16, 2011
I stopped in here when I had a 8 hour layover in Amsterdam. I have grown up going to Amsterdam, but this is a place I have been too. I enjoyed it. I felt like a kid in a candy store.Although, I was all by myself during this layover. I would have had more fun if I had went with some people. You get free sample beer here too!
Larrys Larrys
29 reviews
Don't Miss this Experience... Well worth the $$$$ Mar 14, 2009
I was very impressed with the Heineken Experience. I met my friend Ed at 2:30 pm at our hotel in Amsterdam and he told me that a group of his friends were going to the experience and invited me and my friends to join them. We met at 4, paid our 15 Euros, lined up and waited to enter. The experience is located at the Heineken Brewery near the Rijk museum. There is 4 levels of fun with movies, action ride, video making, bottle your own beer and of course beer tastings (4 glasses). My favorite section was the interactive ride. If you go you better hang on, it can get bumpy. I won't tell you what happens but I felt like a bottle of beer, strange feeling, could almost feel the bubbles building as the experience continued. This is truly a unique experience and well worth the money. Hope you enjoy the ride! Larry

Here is a link for more info: www.heinekenexperience.com
The brewery is a huge brick buildi…
Ed, Sara and I discuss the art of …
This is where the beer is fermente…
Christine bought a souvenir.
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Larrys says:
Steph; I think you would really enjoy the Experience. Plan to spend a good 2 hours to really enjoy the place.
Posted on: Apr 04, 2009
moshers_moll says:
Now this sounds like my cup of tea, might have to check this out some time :-)
Posted on: Apr 04, 2009
emashke says:
I Agree...2 Thumbs Up From Me!
Posted on: Mar 31, 2009
peppertm peppertm
116 reviews
Heineken Experience Jul 23, 2009
If you have the time, the Heineken Experience is a great attraction. After paying the 15 Euro admission, you get the whole Heineken story on a self guided and guided tour of the museum. The staff is polite, attentive, and informative, yet they know when to leave you alone, as some of it is best done on your own. You get to see how the beer is made, and then get three beers glasses of beer to drink. The tour is complete with a ‘Brew U’ ride, and then once through, you get to shop in the gift store, if you’d like. We thoroughly enjoyed the 1 ½ - 2 hours we spent in the museum.
KeikoCreative KeikoCre…
31 reviews
A very INTERESTING experience in Heineken Brewery Nov 04, 2008
Heineken Experience, is a very interesting brewery. I have visited a couple of different breweries in different parts of the world, what the rest has to offer is just showing how the normal brewery process is like, and end of the tour u get to drink some beer for tasting.

Where in Heineken, u get a whole brand new experience, not just the brewery process and tasting the beer, u get to be the beer bottle and going thru the packaging department and being delivered onto the truck ready to go for a bumpy road ride!

Also inside the brewery, when u have your 2nd time of beer tasting, is not just a normal bar counter that u sit there starring at the bartender and the bartender starring back at u, u get to enjoy like in a bar/pub with music going on at the background.

Is really very lively and the staffs are all friendly and fun!

I would highly recommend visiting Heineken Experience, u will definitely have a wonderful time!
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SamsTravels says:
Great Review! I am going to Amsterdam in a few weeks and are reading up on things to do whilst I am there! Thanks for teh tip about this attraction! Sam :@)
Posted on: Feb 16, 2011
KeikoCreative says:
@nyprne, yes it is a fun and unique concept;)
@Ibabuik, whole thing maybe an hour or so, depending how much time u spend on in that 2 bar drinking.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2011
lbabuik says:
How long does it last?
Posted on: Feb 02, 2011
greenfield914 greenfie…
3 reviews
Greatness brewed daily! Oct 07, 2007
The Heineken Experience was the highlight of my trip. It is a fun atmosphere to get a look at their brew process and history of the company. The staff were very friendly as well as the other patrons you find yourself talking and joking with.

I was in A-dam for a wedding party as the best man. The bride, Esther, formerly worked for Heineken. From all her stories and meeting the people there, they truly love their jobs at the Experience and it shows.
petit_gooroo petit_go…
69 reviews
Jul 15, 2007
We visited the brewery of Heineken, transformed in a kind of new-generation museum. Very interactive, full of screens, machines and free activities linked to the beer and the brand, it was a very good moment.

For 11€ each, including 3 free beers (half half liter :( ) and a little present, it is worth the visit!

The Tourist Information told us there was no use to book, but we had to queue a little bit.
lonlee2 says:
They were sold out all hree times I attempted to go :(
Posted on: Aug 05, 2008
mellemel8 says:
i had fun here too :)
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007

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