Head North

Bangkok, Thailand

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thailand summed up in one
ok, so this isnt a journal entry or anything. the aim is to capture everything here that i did in thailand, with a considerable lack of punctuation because im lazy.i would have been updating a person…bangkok then head north to see the sights and jungle, then people go south to wind down on a beach…
Travel blog so far
January 03 2007     Oliver. You’re late! Carl barked at me. We had scheduled a meeting to run through the current situation on the recruitment sales pipeline.  I checked my watch…Bangkok Champion. The matches were ordered in weight and consequently age. To be fair the kids were loving it . I went there with 3 Swedish girls and 2 Canadian guys…
Dan, Ben and Steves tour of South East Asia 2002
Wednesday 3rd April 2002 After 10 uncomfortable hours on lufthansa’s finest 747 we landed at Hong Kong’s Chek lap kok airport at about 7am, unfortunately we’d had seats in the middle row so di…north, south, east and west. Quite impressive. Also a lot of detailed artwork carved into the lower levels. There were a lot of elderly ladies with shaven heads offering…

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photo by: Deats