Haw Par Villa Tiger Balm Gardens

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Haw Par Villa Tiger Balm Gardens Reviews

christl3 christl3
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Otherwordly experience Oct 18, 2012
When i saw this reviewed i knew i had to go here!

To get there get on the Circle line on the MRT and get off at 'Haw Par Villa' station. The park is literally right outside the station entrance.

This place is a very unusual experience. It's a statue park that explains the morals/lives and beliefs of the religion it represents. Firstly you go through a Chinese-style gate and enter into an other world where colourful and beautifully-maintained statues of Buddhas, animals and people dominate the surroundings.

You go through a tunnel which states that Ox-head and horse-face stand by the gates and judge the sinners. The whole tunnel tells of the different levels of hell and how sinners suffer and repent while there, to receive true forgiveness, then they are accepted through the bridge to heaven. Each of these crimes are acted out in graphic proportions by mini statues of people and animals. Throughout the scenes there are explainatory plaques to explain the scene you are seeing.

I thoroughly enjoyed this as it is an utterly photo-worthy place and it's truly amusing. The statues are so specific and the scenes you see are funny and a bit disturbing.

Definitely worth a visit!
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sunshine_love sunshine…
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Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens) Jul 31, 2008
Haw Par Villa was much larger than I anticipated it to be, and well worth the trip. There are many colorful statues depicting ancient Chinese stories. Although some works displayed a placard with a short description of the scene, I would have liked to know learn more.

Many of the pieces were reminiscent of Dr. Suess or Salvador Dali's art, with surrealistic themes such as part-animal, part-human creatures (there's a word for this I know! "animorphs" I'll say for now). Although I know those have been exhibited in different cultures for ages, the style seemed more modern.

Overall a fun place to go with a family, on a date, or even explore alone, works any way!

Free admission, however costs $1 per adult, $0.50 per child to see the "Ten Courts of Hell", a separate section portraying the punishments for mortals' crimes in the afterlife. Dante's Inferno-esque, not so pretty...

Remember kiddies, don't cheat on tests or demons will pull your intestines out!
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