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87-135 Brompton Road, London, United Kingdom
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Harrod's London Reviews

bramblerick brambler…
75 reviews
nice to look around and good for some christmas decoration. May 09, 2015
This famous store is a must see when you are in London. I love to look around at the foodcourt and candydepartment. We visited Harrod's many times mostly around christmas and you can buy some nice decorations/souvenirs from Harrod's for normal prices. The toy department is nice but i recommend Hamley's on regent street. Don't forget the pet department where you can get your indispensable swarovski shirts for your dog. Just a nice fact; they have 4500 employees.
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mdfehmel mdfehmel
233 reviews
Harrod's Oct 10, 2013
Since I was vacationing with my wife who's favorite pastime is shopping, visiting Harrod's was a no-brainer. Looking back on it now, I'm glad that we went. Even if you are not planning to shop there (it is quite expensive) it is certainly an interesting place to visit. Considered as the world's king of all department stores, Harrod's could take hours to venture through. I live an hour from Manahattan - I can tell you that there is nothing like this place in the U.S. We have exclusive department stores on 5th Avenue, but Harrod's is unique. Its departments are actually broken apart by designer so the Men's Department, for example, is broken into several sub-departments featuring the major designers. I found the most interesting departments to be the furniture, technology and collectables. The food court was also quite impressive complete with a fresh fish market and small steak house. If you do shop here and you are a foreigner, make sure you get your VAT tax refun paperwork before you leave. This can be exchanged for a refund when you departing the country. If you are staying in the Park Lane area (Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park), Harrod's (Knightsbridge) is only a short walk. Highly recommended, even if only for a short walk-through.
Back of Harrod's Department Store …
Harrod's "food court".
chrissie6501 chrissie…
3 reviews
Luxury to the extreme Jun 16, 2011
If you're coming to London you must visit Harrods. yes its expensive and you may not buy anything but to look at the egyptian escalators, Princess Diana Memorial and visit the toy department and world famous food halls is a must. Plus they've just refurbished the art gallery which holds a few beautys
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Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Famous shop Aug 16, 2010
Probably the most famous and visited shop in London, Harrods is iconic and essential visiting for any tourist.

Housed over several floors, this store sells an extensive range of products, from high-end clothing, food, electrical goods and homeware. It’s the kind of shop where everyone goes in, gawps at the excess and highly expensive goods, and comes out with a small item as a souvenir purchase and for the carrier bag. However, they do house some great brands all under one roof and this can be a lot better than traipsing all over London to source the best things.

The staff are very polite. Every time I have spoken to some, they have very good product knowledge, are helpful and always ask if you need any advice about where to go next. The building itself is very impressive; I really liked the old fashioned lifts. If you are going here, remember that they don’t allow you to carry backpacks over your shoulders. If you have one, you’ll be asked to hold it take it off and carry it with you.

Whether you have lots of income or not, this is an essential pit stop for anyone coming to London.
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Vipin says:
haha, very funny! you can get pretty decent chocs there for 5-10 pounds too you know, but you don't get much!!
Posted on: Jan 03, 2011
montecarlostar says:
Of course they are polite! If you pay 25 pounds for a box of chocolates they better be polite! :P
Posted on: Jan 03, 2011
Lucy360 Lucy360
38 reviews
Look but dont touch! Sep 15, 2008
I have been to Harrod's a few times just to take a look. As you enter the shop they check your bags and you have to carry them by your sides, not on your backs. There is heavy security, obviously because its so expensive in there they dont want any robberies. The decor inside is beautiful, statues and glass all round. They have an upstairs clothes store which I viewed but the price tags just made me laugh as Expensive is not the word! The toy store is cute they have huge bears and old fashioned well made toys, well worth a look.

If you want to gain a Harrods bag or say you bought from there they have a Waterstones bookshop in there with normal priced books, We always buy a book from there and get a harrod's bag for it. haha, I know im cheap! Also the sweetshop is a wonder, amazing creations which look to good to eat in beautiful glass counters. I think I bought some for around £0.99p each.

Dont forget to celebrity spot while you are there, Ive seen a few British celebs.
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X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
Maybe the most expensive store in the World May 31, 2005
I know that there are people in this world that never look at the price tags of anything they purchase. Price doesn't matter to them. But I am not one of them. My parents lived through the depression and had to skimp on everything and they saved as much as they could in case it ever happened again, and they brought me up the same middle-class way. So when I got to take this tour of Europe and the United Kingdom it was done with not just a little bit of angst. But enough of that.

We spent well over an hour strolling four floors of Harrods Department Store. We saw clothing, some jewelry, items for the house, luggage, watches, teas and coffee, mints and packaged goods, stationary, and shoes.

At one point I picked up a random pair of nice ladies shoes, best described as mid-height heels with only straps, and slender straps at that. I turned them over to read the price. They were 500 pounds! At that time that meant about $1,000 US. Naturally, I put them back quickly and carefully so as not to damage them or the glass shelf they rested on.

I know that if I had look hard enough I may have been able to find something in that store that I could afford. But a one ounce box of tea was the closest I found and that just didn't thrill me.

We walked thru an eating area and considered buying a coffee or soft drink but decided against it. I must admit I did take a packet tube of sugar as a souvenir because it said "Harrods" on it. Please don't turn me in.
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montecarlostar says:
Lol, I remember walking through the stores of this place and looking at the tags: purse for woman, 200 pounds, a box of chocolates, 25 pounds (!) but I was like you, at least I could say I have been there!
Posted on: Jan 03, 2011
gerbendemoed says:
I once bought a 2 litre bottle of champagne in Harrods, it was around 300 pounds I believe, but that was when I had money. And I shared the price (and contents) with 3 friends.

Also I always buy a set of tin soldiers when I visit Harrods, they are not that expensive only a few pounds, probably one of the cheapest items in stock :D. I like those soldiers plus I get to walk around with a Harrods bag all day :).

Posted on: Aug 23, 2008
peppertm peppertm
116 reviews
May 09, 2005
Huge and beautiful. I bought tea and mints because everything else was too expensive. It was nice to see, though. And the doormen in the green jackets were great.
Inside Harrod's
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