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Apr 06, 2010 – May 04, 2010
Today we were going to explore Harran, a town to the south that was famous for its beehive homes. We had to go to the Otogar t…
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This blog was featured on Saturday April 17th, 2010
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Jun 02, 2006 – Aug 24, 2009
People who contributed to and improved my trip:Located only one hours drive from Sanliurfa, Harran makes a perfect day trip fro…
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This blog was featured on Wednesday November 22nd, 2006
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Travelling to Harran with Fatih and Deniz
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May 24, 2008 – Jun 02, 2008
Today we were all together: Fatih, Deniz me and my Mum and all together we went to Harran. Today Deniz were driving in his car …
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