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Harlingen, located at the Waddenzee and to be found in the province of Friesland, in the far north of the Netherlands, has approximately 15.400 inhabitants and is, with that, fifth on the list of biggest places in the province. The city is situated along the famous 'Elfstedentocht': a famous ice-skating contest, which is being held if there is enough ice on lakes and canals (last time was in 1997).

Harlingen is an old town with a long history of fishing and shipping, founded around 1157 by Eilwardus Ludinga, who established a monastery in the village Almenum (nowadays located within the city centre). Harlingen became very important when the years passed by, and received cityrights in 1234. With that, the city is older than cities such as Leeuwarden and Amsterdam.
In the next centuries, Harlingen had prosperity as well as poverty and expanded steadily as the city as it is nowadays.

The city has direct connections with the islands Terschelling and Vlieland and is the ideal base for doing trips inside the province. Harlingens' most important sights and activities are the old city centre with a considerable part of monumental buildings, the harbour and canals inside the city, different interesting museums, the Christmas market (which is being held each year on a saturday in December), the fishing days, better known as 'Visserijdagen', which is a four days lasting festivity with different activities inside as well as outside the city.

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