Harbour Bridge Climb

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3 Cumberland Street, Sydney, Australia
www.bridgeclimb.com.au - (02) 8274 7777
Harbour Bridge Climb - Me on the top!
Harbour Bridge Climb - Me and my group!
Harbour Bridge Climb - Me and my group!
Harbour Bridge Climb - Me and my group!
Harbour Bridge Climb - Me and my group!

Harbour Bridge Climb Sydney Reviews

tjwood tjwood
66 reviews
The best thing to do for your Birthday Mar 09, 2012
This is well worth the money you spend to do the climb. The staff are very friendly and walk you through a very comprehesive saftey briefing. You will taken wth the group to get outfitted and then shown the proper way to traverse the stairs and walkways.

IT was a awesome time to be standing up there on th bridge and surveying the land and sights. Granted you are not able to take your own camera, so rememer to get the photos they take of you.

The Brdige does not shape at all, no vibration or swaying. Feels like yo are walking on solid ground. You may experience vertigo from looking down, but just hang onto the railings, you can't fall due to yor saftery harness.

The whole thing takes around 3 hours. Do use the bathroom befor hand, since there is not one out there. Hehe!!
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charlie7486 charlie7…
11 reviews
One of the best things to do in Sydney Aug 19, 2011
I did the climb with a friend a few year ago. We chose to do it at night because we were recommended that this is the best time to do and see the Opera House, Central Sydney and the Harbour in all its glory. Doing the climb was an AMAZING experience. You will be directed by a guide and will walk along one side of the Bridge right to the top, harnessed by a metal chain. It was not too scary but it did get extremely windy. I would totally recommend this experience if you want to see a decent aerial view of the beautiful Sydney Harbour.
Ed_22 Ed_22
3 reviews
An Amazing Experience! Mar 14, 2011
When in Sydney, the Harbour Bridge Climb is a MUST!! Try and choose a nice clear day, as the views from the top are amazing!

The staff are very helpful, you spend around 30-45 mins learning the ropes, and then you start your climb!

Its all very well done, and the picture at the top is one to cherish!
borneonikieta borneoni…
39 reviews
Sydney Harbour Bridge Jan 03, 2009
I went to Sydney in 2007 for one reason and one reason only that is to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I didn't plan it but my friends suggested that it would be an exhilirating experience and it was. I found it funny that most of the Aussies I've told about my climb gave me the impression that climbing up that bridge that they cross maybe a million times all their lives is just a waste of time.

Anyway, the climb was very well organised and you can tell that the person who came up with the idea really know what he was doing. Safety harness, weather condition, communication headset, climbing crash course and professional guide had assured me that I was in safe hands. Before the climb, we had to sign an agreement stating that we didn't have any heart conditions or other health problems that might come up during the climb. We were put in a small room and was given some briefings on the climb.

After that we went to a changing room-special overall was given for everyone to wear. There were 10 of us in the group, me and my two friends and other tourists from Slovakia, Japan, the UK and the USA. There was also an ice-breaking session where each member introduced his or herself to other members. I guess this is for the purpose of building trust as our safety harness were linked to the others.

Then we moved to another room (a bigger one) to fit our communication headset (I thought that was pretty cool)as well as safety harness. A professional guide introduced himself to us and guided us through the journey.

The climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge was not that difficult but it sure tested my fear of height. I will spare all the details of this climb so that you can experience it yourself. One thing I must tell you though is that this climb is an unforgettable experience for me.
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mrkrueger13 mrkruege…
11 reviews
Climb the Koala Jun 15, 2009
Awesome. If you want to really enjoy this 2-hr. journey you can do it in syncopation with the sunset. Simply stunning views... and the constant reminder you could be swept off to your death is always a sweet adrenaline boost.
bluejeanjenny bluejean…
2 reviews
Oct 05, 2006
If you are coming to Aus, the one thing you have to make sure you do is the Harbour Bridge Climb. I'm not being biased just because I'm from Sydney. I work right in the city and see it every day, but after doing the bridge climb it puts another whole perspective on the way you look at things...It's amazing! And so worth it for $170! The Opera house looks fab from its steps but a thousand times better from 200m in the air! DO IT! (the outfits aren't the best and neither is having a bum in your face the whole way up, but the rest is definitely worth it!

Further to Lisa's comment - this is the story of how I got to do it...

My boss had me arrange the Bridgeclimb for her Executive team as a motivator before 3 days of non-stop 2007 business planning. We had people coming from America for it and everything. So I booked it for 10 people and no one knew about it besides me and my boss. The 2 from America ended up not being able to make it - so I called Bridgeclimb and played the sympathy card. "I know you don't normally give credits, but their flights got cancelled" yada yada yada - ended up getting 2 credits! So my boss was happy that we didn't lose the value. Then it was the day and they were all on their way there, and Grahame found out where they were going and started to freak out. Broke out in a rash and was sweating and everything! So my boss called me and said before we get there can you call them and try to arrange another credit. So I called and they wouldn't do it. So I called my boss back and told her, then she says to me - well you come and do it then...I said "but I'm in heels!"she said "my suitcase is in my office there are runners in there, and just rummage around until you find some socks" (because they were staying at the hotel for 3 days) I said "but I am wearing a skirt" then she yelled at me "THEY GIVE YOU OVERALLS! GET IN A CAB NOW! I'LL PAY FOR IT WHEN YOU GET HERE - HURRY!"

So I found the runners and the socks, and bolted out into the street looking atrocious I might add...hopped in a cab and made it there just in time...

Then when we got back to work she was like is this done, where's this and that sort of thing, and I said "they were all on my to-do list today, but you hunted me out of the office so fast that nothing is done" and she was fine...great day all round! :o)
Me on the top!
Me and my group!
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lukewa says:
I went a while back and it was a wonderful experience. I didn't care for the non-breathable suits in the 33 degree weather, but other than that, it was absolutely breath-taking!!
Posted on: Jun 10, 2007
azzurri says:
Sounds like it's worth it. Maybe I'll give it a go on my next visit!
Posted on: Mar 06, 2007
bluejeanjenny says:
It doesn't really feel that high when you are up there...you can see forever though! Enjoy your trip!
Posted on: Oct 17, 2006

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