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Harajuku Overview

The area around Harajuku station is the area famous for the unique youth street fashion and culture the permeates all of society and sends signals out to the world. Girls the world over make pilgrimages to Harajuku. Harajuku itself is actually a part of Shibuya, the district already popular to Japan's youth as well as a great shopping and nightlife area. But Harajuku is the mecca to women and girls the world over (and a share of men and boys too).

Many of Tokyo's and some of the world's prominent designers have a connection to Harajuku, and there are boutiques here that touch on every aspect of that. Takeshita Dori (street) is the hub for it all, though the shops are now spilling out into the surrounding blocks. Not only clothes and fashion but hair and make up styles are created here that influence millions. There are several publications devoted to this area. Nearby at the bridge (Jingu Bridge) connecting the station street to the shrine next door (Meiji Shrine..just a major one in Tokyo by the way) youths gather to show off the different styles of fashion as well as Cosplay (or Costume Play) where many dress in costumes that can border on bizarre. This spills over into the awesome Yoyogi park nearby on weekends.

Not to be outdone, the non Harajuku fashion folks have their own playground. The classy and tasteful Omotesando. A long broad avenue that many say is Tokyo's Champs-Elysees. Here you will fin all of the shops that include high fashion and high class brands. Many beautiful people walk here to be seen. It is an event.

Besides the shopping and fashion, the previously mentioned park and shrine as well as Togo Shrine, the Ota Memorial Museum of Art, the Nezu Museum, and NHK television's public access studio are all walkable from Harajuku station. Oh, and plenty of eats too!

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