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Mase dist. Canyonlands N.P., Utah  USA
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Mar 06, 2015
I picked the Maze to apply for seasonal work cuz I knew that the roads were very bad 4X4 roads and some trucks just dont make i…
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Capitol Reef N Park, Fruita, Utah  USA
posted by:
Dec 01, 2017
I would like to show what I consider the most scenic part of Utah Hwy 24 following the Fremont River Westbound between Hanksvil…
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Theres a store in that Mountain
posted by:
Apr 12, 1989 – Apr 16, 1989
  Our whole first day was going to be spent driving. We left Brighton, after topping off the tank and picking up a few la…
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Hollow Mountain
posted by:
May 09, 2007 – May 19, 2007
When we finally left Moab and the glorious Arches Nat'l Park, it was Hiway 191 that would hook us up with I-70 West.&…
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