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#1 of 5 hotels in Hampi
andrejav says: "Padma Guest House is on the entrance of this little village, right next to the b..."
#2 of 5 hotels in Hampi
AdamR3723 says: "Not bad for a provincial hotel. Large rooms with air-conditioning. Slightly shab..."
#3 of 5 hotels in Hampi
AdamR3723 says: "TO BEGIN WITH, let me say that I have stayed here several times but NOT during t..."
#4 of 5 hotels in Hampi
sky69 says: "Very nice ambience , good service well maintain staff..yummy food in bluemist.. ..."
#5 of 5 hotels in Hampi
There are no reviews or descriptions of Gouthami Guest House yet. Have you stayed here? Write a review.
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