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Hama , very nice city and small, place middle syria south aleppo north damascus near from sea city latakia, connect the all city together by train and bus lines, 8,880km population 1,270,000 , the city 300m over sea level .

main places u must go see there
The water wells (Noria), The Castle, Afamia, Czar, river (al_asse) , the market big you feel tired before complete all market streets , walk in the old city parts try see the day and night u will remember there places in computer games like tomb raider and prince of persia ;) , the city save 100% , u found hotels cheap there in city center and 5 star big hotel called ( afamia ) , u can say this city cheaper city in syria , u can see the city walking and go to bus garage walking too to try see another citys , by the way u need digital cam with big memory ;)

history :
Founded from ( Stone Age )
was called ( HAMAT ) in age -4,000
old people was giant called (Rotanian)
then come (Acadian) then (Somarian) -2,200
then destroy on hands (Amoreen) and take it like central for them
then take it (Babelian) then (Haytheen)
then destroy again on hands (Hexos) -1750
then come (Persian) then (Greece)
then (Romanian) & (Bezanteen) +638
finaly come the Islamic arabian (Auobeen) make it capital the Auobe emirate under hand king (abo al-feda'a) was a writer geography and historic .
In 1982 Government forces crushed an uprising known as the Hama massacre