Halong Bay to Hanoi by Direct Bus (agency)

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Halong Bay to Hanoi by Direct Bus (agency) Reviews

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Halong Bay to Hanoi by Direct Bus (agency) Jul 26, 2011
This is my long return trip from Halong Bay to Hanoi.

After being fed up by the time it took and the efficiency of the driver from Hanoi to Halong Bay, i decided to book a direct bus back to Hanoi from Bai Chay to make my life simple.

I booked through an agent at Bai Chay beach (which seemed to be the only one there) for a direct bus back to Hanoi.

Now, i had a bus an overnight bus leaving to Hue at 6:00 p.m the same day the bus was due for departure.

at wha time exactly? i was told that the bus would arrive at 12:15 p.m.

So after booking my ticket and clearly explaining to the agent i had a bus to catch and leave at as early as possible , i was assured that all would be ok...

so the following day i headed up to the agents office at 12:00 p.m since that was the meeting point for the bus.

15,30, 45 minutes later and still no bus....the agent (as usual) kept on calling the driver and after every 5 minutes we were assured that he will be here in 5 minutes.

Not one but TWO buses showed up an hour late at 1:15.

Confused, we were told to board the first bus that was empty which was parked next to the bus that seemed almost full.

After boarding the first bus, we were told to board the 2nd bus...??????

okay whatever, we boarded the 2nd bus and it seemed that we we filled up to its capacity (why did we board the first bus again?) Not caring as to who and why and finally happy we were going to get on our way, the driver made a left and a right and switched off the engine...WHAT NOW?!?!


Lunch what!! i have a bus to catch at 6:00!!! and its 1:20!!

A massive showdown went on with two other tourists which i will write about later on.

It seemed that lunch was included in the ticket and that everyone on the bus was getting off to have lunch, not informed and not knowing how long it would take...

After explaining to the driver that i have a bus to catch back at Hanoi, he smiled and assured me that we would get there on time..

we finally departed at 1:55 p.m

if you do the maths add 4 hours and the result is bye bye bus!

Stressed like a mantis going for his kill i had no option but to wait till everyone was done with their lunch and to get the bus GOING!

We made a rest stop at 3:15 and was told that it would take only 15 minutes...times that by 2 and 30 mins later we took off.

bus was heading to the old quarter to drop everyone off. grinding my teeth in the last 30 mins we finally arrived at Hanoi in the old quarter.

at 5:45 p.m.

did i make it for the bus? yes but that another story i have to write about...it actually left at 8 p.m (JEEEZ!)



Departure time:............12:15 p.m

Actual Departure time:.....1:55 p.m

Journey length excluding the lunch before initial departure:

3 hours and 50 minutes.




driver capability......8/10


2/10 (misinformed and not informed to the last detail)

would i do it again? well if i was informed about lunch and possible delay of bus then no. And yes if i had no bus to catch.

PS: the two tourists that left the bus at the start and went to go back for 'refund' , well let's just say that at 1:00 its lunch time for everyone, and that means closing down the office....good luck to them.
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