Hallgrimskirkja Church

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja Church Reykjavik Reviews

davejo davejo
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The most famous sight in Reykjavik Feb 03, 2017
After checking in at the guest house Hallgrimskirkja was my first stop. This is the famous church which stands on a hill in the center of Reykjavik and can be seen from many points in the city. So much has been written about it already so here are a few facts that you may not know. It is the largest church in the country at 73 meters high and is the sixth tallest structure in the country. The structure is named after the famous poet and clergyman Hallgrimur Petursson who live din the 17th century. In 1937 Gudjeon Samuelsson was commissioned to design the church in 1937 which is supposed to resemble the islands basalt lava flows. The nave was consecrated in 1986 and the church covers a total area of 1676 sq. m. German Johannes Kleis of Bonn constructed the organ which consists of 5,275 pipes, 15 meters tall and weighs an incredible 25 tons and was actually completed in 1992.

There is a metal outline of the church near the corner of Njardagata and Eriksgata where you can get an interesting photo of the church as in photo number 1.

Inside Hallgrimskirkja you will find the church quite plain and simple with very little on the walls but the star attraction is the organ which consists of 5,275 pipes, weighs 15 tons and 15 meters high. .. It must be quite a job to clean them as there is a donation box for visitors to drop a few coins in.

While visiting Hallgrimskirkja do not miss the opportunity of visiting the observation tower which gives the visitor a splendid view over the city. Tickets are 800 kroner to take the elevator to the deck on the tower and each side has four open windows to take photos from. You can see the Harbour, the domestic airport , the surrounding streets and Lake Torjin. It is well worth the entrance fee and gives you one of the best views of the city
the famous church
photographed through the metal fra…
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davejo says:
I bet it was a great evening
Posted on: Feb 04, 2017
SWFC_Fan says:
We once spent New Year's Eve outside Hallgrimskirkja with an incredible view of the fireworks going off throughout the city.
Posted on: Feb 04, 2017
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wagslikeadog wagslike…
67 reviews
Reykjavik Landmark May 21, 2012
This modern looking cathedral can be seen kilometres away from the city and is an instantly recognizable landmark of downtown Reykjavik. The design was (and still is from what the locals say) controversial. The exterior is all concrete and the spire was designed to resemble the basaltic formations surrounding some of Iceland's famous waterfalls.

There is a statue of Leifr Eriksson (Leif The Lucky - The 10th/11th century hero of Icelandic sagas, explorer extrordinaire, and founder of "The New World" some 500 years before Columbus) in front of the church which, per the attached plaque, was a gift from the USA in 1930.

There is a big square with benches right in front of the church. There are cafes and hotels in the immediate area too.

While it may not be as visually impressive as other European cathedrals, it certainly warrants a good look around from the outside at least, as it's much more culturally fulfilling than something schmultzy like a whale watching tour, eating rotten shark meat, or the Blue Lagoon.
Hallgrimskirkja and Leif
Leif the Lucky
Careful with the axe, Leif
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Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Church of Hallgrimur (Hallgrimskirkja) Oct 08, 2010
The modern architecture of Reykjavik's imposing Lutheran Church of Hallgrimur (Hallgrimskirkja) is guaranteed to take your breath away. It is a must see in Reykjavik, not that you can miss it anyway, it is visible from anywhere. The Church has a piped organ featuring more than 5,000 actual pipes, measuring around 15 meters / 50 feet in height. The church soars over the Icelandic capital Reykjavik, its scale is also heightened by the vertical rows of descending concrete pillars fixed to each corner. There is an elevator to the top of the tower which I did not take because it was late. For 500 ISK you can get the best views of the city.

This is an architectural achievement and great pride for Iceland. With 90% of the country being protestant, this is a great representation of the faith as well. It is a religious monument that captures the very essence of the Icelandic people. The basalt structure is used by many visitors for navigational purposes, I know it was a focal point as I could tell where I'm by my proximity to the church. It was dedicated to Hallagrimur Petursson a famous hymnal writer from the seventeenth century.
Church of Hallgrimur (Hallgrimskir…
Church of Hallgrimur (Hallgrimskir…
Church of Hallgrimur (Hallgrimskir…
Church of Hallgrimur (Hallgrimskir…
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cynthiasmiller cynthias…
62 reviews
Plain and simple, but not to be missed Dec 30, 2010
This concrete structure may not be the most ornate structure in Europe, but it has its own brand of beauty and shouldn't be missed. The beauty is in the details: the view from the top, the lovely doors, the Leif Erikson statue out front. Try to get there on a Friday, that's when the choir sings. The singing echoing off the concrete walls creates an ethereal experience.
Front view
Door to the church
View from the top
View from the back
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Hallgrims Church Jun 27, 2008
Not the prettiest bulding in the world,and only completed in 1986, but it dominates the skyline in Reykjavik, being built on slighlty higher ground ( hill would be a bit of an exageration.

Not that you would miss it, but is situated just off the main shopping street, Laugavegur.

In the square in front of it is a statue to Icelandic explorer Leif Erikson, who is believed to have 'discovered' the Americas about 500 hundred years before Columbus.

The church is Lutheran, and as such is pretty minimalist and not a great deal of decoration in what seems a bit like a man made cavern. It does have the most amazing organ, made up of thousands of pipes.

We were there while it wasbeing renovated, and the spire was covered in scaffolding, but the tower was open and we went up in the lift.

Great views over the city, and you soon appreciate what a lovely city Reykjavic is. Also gives a view down to the sea and over the fjord.

There aren't 101 things to do in Reykjavic, well I would it would be a stretch of the credible, so it's worth a visit, especially to go up the tower.
Leif Erikson Statie
Altar End of Hallgrímskirkja
Columns In Hallgrímskirkja
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