Half Dome

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Yosemite National Park, California

Half Dome Yosemite National Park Reviews

TheVictor TheVictor
5 reviews
Half Dome - What can I say? Jul 11, 2011
I have hiked half dome on two occasions. Once in August of 2009 during the day, then in August of 2010 at night.

The night hike was by far the most exhilarating! Never have I seen so many clear/bright shooting stars. I feel asleep that night on the dome counting them. I passed out by the time I hit 20. I can not begin to describe how beautiful it was to watch the sun rise over the horizon at 9k ft. This is something you will have to experience yourself. Great thing about hiking the dome at night are there are no lines to deal with going up/down the cables.

I was trying to make the half dome accent an annual thing but the parks has made it more difficult with the scheduling of passes for the cables. Its hard to schedule so far in advanced when you do not know what the weather will be like on that day. I do understand this is for safety reasons.
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dixit78 dixit78
2 reviews
Half Dome is the BEST Hike May 21, 2011
Hello there...I have visited Yosemite probably half a dozen times and still feels like going more...Great place to visit and hike. I have done lot of trails including backpacking trip. But Half Dome is Breathless...
runnofun runnofun
6 reviews
This likly one of the coolest / stupibest hikes ever Sep 06, 2009
So this hike is pretty cool. We did it as a side trip on a overall backpacking trip. It would make a long day hike. We first camp at little Yosemite valley campground. It was a nice spot. pretty large in terms of back country camp ground. It was a lot of climbing. The you reach the side of the dome. Which turn out to be a slab of granite a very steep angle. The park service has placed guide wire to pull yourself on. Don't forget gloves. Pull yourself up and see the view at the top. it's pretty cool. A lot of people do this hike, so live with or start out early.
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View at the top
antwonw antwonw
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Nov 29, 2007
This is a great hike. A total round trip of 16 miles. Its takes on average about 6 hours to get to the top and about the same to get down. If you are in great physical shape you would have no problem getting to the top in 3-4 hours. This hike is very strenuous. Do NOT do this hike by yourself! I have, from personal experience, witnessed the bad that can come from hiking this by yourself. I carried a 17 year old guy down just off Quarter Dome all the way to Happy Isles Parking Lot. He was lucky Our group was there and heard his cries for help. (He twised his ankle and was hiking by himself with no water left, no flashlight and at 7pm)

Along the trail there are from start to finish 5 bathrooms. The last being at Little Yosemite Vally.

It is highly recommended that you take plenty of water, a flashlight (just in case), food, good gripy shoes, gloves (for the cables not unless you want to use some of the "stash" at the base of Half Dome. And it is not guaranteed that there will be any there), and your readiness to tackle a 8,836 ft Dome.

Overall this is a great high with breathtaking views. It is a must for anyone hiking in Yosemite!


Directions on Hiking

Drive into Yosemite Valley and park at the Happy Isles Parking lot. **Make sure you have no food in your car.** (You can get written a ticket if you have food in your car. Even a bottle of gatorade.)

After parking in the parking lot walk down the road in the direction you were driving. Walk across the bridge.

Once across the bridge follow the trail down to the right. It will take you on the Mist Trail. There will be a sign telling you that Half Dome is 8 miles.

Continue on this trail up Vernal and Nevada Falls.

On top of Nevada Falls follow the signs leading towards Little Yosemite Valley and Half Dome.

Once you get to Little Yosemite Vally there will be a Ranger station if you need anything.

Continue to follow the signs towards Half Dome.

Once you get tot the base of Quarter Dome and the trees begin to disappear the trail gets harder to follow.

Follow the cut out stone steps up Quarter Dome and then once on top walk down the middle. You will kind of see a trail.

Once between Quarter and Half Dome there will be a sign and gloves in a protected area between the rocks. That is if you didn't bring any yourself.

If the weather looks bad DON'T GO UP!! This is very important. If you are on top of Half Dome and a storm rolls through you are the tallest thing on Half Dome. You have a very high chance of getting struck with lightning.

Once you are ready to go up the cables Take extra precautions. This is where safetly is the most important. One slip and you could be history. Also make sure that you are wearing some type of gripy shoes.

Walk up the cables hold on as you go up. Once the cables end you can walk to the top. Remember safetly is still major. You could still fall off.

Now that you are on the top enjoy yourself. Take pictures. Spend some time.

Once done you have the long journey back down. Be careful going down the cables. This can be much harder then going up.

Once down the cables the rest is down hill. No pun intended.
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