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Haifa is a breathtaking city right on the Mediterranean Sea. Upon arriving the city, you will be blown away by the imposing mountain in front of you. This mountain, Mt. Carmel, not only holds biblical significance but also is home to one of the Ba'hai gardens. This beautiful garden, kept immaculate by the Ba'hai, flows down the side of the mountain and will drop your jaw whether you're above or below. This area is one of the most holy for those of the Ba'hai faith.

Make time to take a walk along the Mediterranean here on the promenade. If compelled, check out Elijah's Cave (but be sure to leave your hat on, this is apparently very important) before taking the one and only subway in Israel from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Just a warning - the views from the top will leave you breathless!

The zoo at the top is worthwhile if only for the glorious views it offers you. The walk back down from the Ba'hai gardens takes you through the German Distric right up to the big shopping centre. The German District has many great bars and restaurants with such a variety of themes and flavours that it could keep you entertained for days.

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