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Haapsalu is a small quiet seaside town 100 kilometers south-west from Tallinn. It is a well-known resort for local people as well as for close neighbours such as Russians and Finns. It is famous for its calm atmosphere, beaches that are much warmer than near Tallinn, narrow streets with wooden houses and some Spas with curative mud.
Paralepa, beach right outside Haapsalu is considered the best beach in Estonia by Estonians.

The town is located on a peninsula with two "fingers", surrounded by bays and reeds and islands. For whatever geology reason the terrain here is rising by 3 millimetres per year. Haapsalu once had a sea harbour but this
has long been given up. The former harbour basin is turning into a lake. The shores of the bay are covered with reeds, the water is shallow.

At a closer look the town reveals its much more glorious role in history. In the middle ages it was the seat of the bishops of Ösel-Wiek. Their castle and cathedral are Haapsalu's most impressive sights. Later it became a centre of Swedish trade and culture in Estonia. The last Russian Czar used to spend his summer holidays here. To him the town owes its beautiful train station, which unfortunately is not in use any more.