Ha Long Bay

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Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay Reviews

ChasingRickshaws ChasingR…
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Islands of wonder May 13, 2011
This is a given when visiting Vietnam. A 4 hr drive out of Hanoi to an amazing post card scenery of islands in the distance awaiting your embrace. There are a number of options to choose when organising this tour, but the 3 day 2 night is my recommendation. The trip basically involves (depending on tour operator) cruising on a wooden "Junk" boat with the traditional red sails accommodating up to 10 to 12 people. Now don't be fooled by the name as these boats are generally well maintained with clean cabins and functional restaurant and bar. Once on board you cruise for the afternoon to a Ha long bay UNESCO caves and then a brilliant kayak amidst a Vietnam sunset. Once back on board a few hours relaxing and then a dinner is served with a variety of dishes and drinks. The next day is spent cruising around and visiting islands (monkey Islands) and traditional villages with bike riding and lunch. The second night is spent on Cat Ba Island(worth making sure that it is)with stay at a nice 4 star hotel and plenty of night life to party to early hours of the morning. The third day is back on the boat for a 5 hrs or so cruise to get back to the bus. Its hard to describe in short, but just check it out. The only thing I suggest is that you shop around in Hanoi for the best deal and make sure the weather is clear as if its foggy it's best not to go.
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viluve viluve
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Ha Long Bay Mar 18, 2011
This is definitely the best spot from my trip to Vietnam. The easiest way to get into Ha Long Bay is probably by joining one of the many tours available from your Hanoi accommodation.

The trip from Hanoi to port takes about 3 hours (if I remember it correctly), and the road was bumpy.. so if you're weak, be prepared to get car sick.

The Ha Long bay area is so magnificent, it's probably best to google some of HaLong Bay picture to get a glimpse on what you expect. The best part of the trip is probably the kayaking experience, so do ask for a kayak trip when you choose your tour group.

Food provided in the tour was poor .. tasteless.. very small amount .. perhaps we're just unlucky, and if you took a more expensive tour they may provide you with better meal.

Anyway.. as I said the Ha Long Bay was the best part from my Vietnam trip. Highly recommended.
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RoxyK RoxyK
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Opera Cruise Ship Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island Apr 24, 2011
3 day 2 night Tour with Opera Cruises 1 night on the boat and 1 night Cat Ba Island, Definately recommended for the experience only, Ha Long bay although beautiful is SO spoilt by how touristy everything is. Recommend that you only do 1 night on the ship and the other on Cat Ba Island. Cat Ba you can hire a bike or motorcycle and ride to the National Park or just outside of town, its all very beautiful and the kids love to smile and wave.
aders4321 aders4321
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Beutiful setting May 22, 2011
This place has to be seen to be belived. I travelled there back in 2007 (long time review coming!!!) and we had a private boat. This was fantastic as we had our own private meals as well. In short u must see this place as i reckon it is one of the worlds wonders.
nwintarti nwintarti
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Ha Long Bay Mar 28, 2008
Ha long bay is just somewhere near Hanoi. If you started your visit to Vietnam, then you can go to one of this tour and travel and book 1 day trip or even longer to ha long bay. the price is ranging between 10-50 USD. Depend on how many days and which kind of boat you are taking (private or sharing with other tourist). Usually price inclusive of bus, boat trip, lunch, guide, and entrance fees.

I don't mean to promote a certain site as I'm not the owner of this tour thing, but usually I used sinh cafe tour, considering they have branch in HCMC where I lived and they can arrange trip to many places in Vietnam even before I left HCMC.

The tour will pick you up in the hotel you are staying or you can go straight away to their office on the day of departure. And there bus will take you to go to the ferry jetty and you will start your journey.
jeffy jeffy
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One of nature's best kept secrets Aug 03, 2007
With a name like Ha Long Bay, this place does not sound like a wonder of nature. Indeed, one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I first discovered this place was "Why haven't I ever heard of this place before?" (This was especially difficult to swallow since I try to keep myself pretty well educated on our planet's geography.) To this day, it amazes me how poorly Ha Long Bay is advertised to the rest of the world.

Ha Long Bay is stunning, even more so when one has little idea what to expect. After viewing several postcards and images from the internet, the Ha Long Bay that I saw in person looked nothing like what I imagined. As cliche as it sounds, pictures do nothing to capture the grandeur of this one-of-a-kind place. Almost 2,000 jagged, vertical islands creeping out of the sea don't even fit into a single camera frame, first of all!!! The seemingly endless expanse of rocks rising from the water is a dizzying memory that I will never forget. So be sure to hire a boat to take you in between these amazing islands!

If Angkor represents Southeast Asia's most impressive human creation, Ha Long Bay is certainly Southeast Asia's most impressive natural creation, at least in my opinion. Simply one of the best panoramas on Earth.
nitelifenyc says:
saying which tour you booked would help
Posted on: Nov 23, 2012
finallyhoneymooning says:
Hi! thanks for posting about this! which company did u book the tour with? thats exactly the tour we would like to do :)
Posted on: Feb 16, 2012
Adrian_Liston Adrian_L…
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Jun 21, 2004
Ha Long Bay is 170km from Hanoi in northern Vietnam. Boat trips to the Bay from Hanoi are readily available from local tourism shops and cafes, and all follow the same basic pattern - transport to Ha Long Bay, 2-3 days on the bay on a boat, and transport back (at exceptionally cheap prices). Whole fleets of similar boats ply the waters, but they soon disperse among the nearly 2000 limestone islands, giving you time to cruise around and jump off the boat for a swim. The food is good, accommodation on board is comfortable, and the ride is very relaxing.

The islands are the highlight of the bay. The erosion of islands gives them an inverted look, with a narrow base rising up above the high tide level, caped with lush jungle.

The area is World Heritage listed for its natural significance, but also has great cultural significance to Vietnam. It was in Ha Long Bay that Tran Hung Dao stopped the Mongolian invasion in 1288, by placing steel-tipped wooden stakes under the water to rip the bottom from the Mongol fleet.

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