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145 Rakovski Str, Sofia, Bulgaria
HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest  - Outside HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest.
HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest  - Outside HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest.
HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest  - Inside HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest.
HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest  - The colourful salad with no dressing. Lettuce, capsicum, cabbage, red onion, sliced bbq mushroom and carrot.
HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest  - Bowl of salad. Fresh Garden Salad.

HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest Sofia Reviews

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Happy? Not so Happy. Sep 29, 2010
NOTE: What you're going to read will be a review of this restaurant. It'll seem as though I'm a really mean reviewer. I'm usually not so strict but when there are things that I don't like, I do become a lot meaner in doing a review. Pretty much you can say, I'm painting a bad picture of this restaurant.

After our FIRST experience with HAPPY BAR & GRILL Rubin, we thought it would be nice to dine at HAPPY again on our third night (which was our last night in Sofia, Bulgaria). This time it wasn't HAPPY BAR & GRILL Rubin but it was HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest.

My disappointments are...

- Smoking

- Food

As usual, we requested for NON-smoking area and of course it was located indoor. Seriously, I'm UTTERLY disappointed that the indoor restaurant wreaks of cigarette smoke. In other words, it was stinky and it was giving me a horrible headache. Inhaling all the smoke from the smokers across the other side of the restaurant. YES! Smoking is ALLOWED indoor! I don't understand...it makes NO difference to have a non-smoking area and smoking area INDOOR. I believe they don't understand the existence of 'diffusion'.

Communication is difficult well just a little...ordered for Cappy Pear juice but the waitress didn't understand what is 'pear' so no choice, I requested for apple instead. WiFi didn't work at first and requested for the password. Still it didn't work until they rebooted their system. Finally the WiFi worked!

The food we had ordered...

- Wedges (the one with mayonnaise & ketchup dip) -> 3.99BGN

- Granny's Meat Balls (which was served with an oily-vinegar chiffonade cabbage) -> 3.38BGN

- Fresh Garden Salad (carrot, barbecued sliced mushrooms, lettuce, red onion and vinaigrette) -> 4.59BGN

- Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti (Asian style and because I ordered it the other time at HAPPY BAR & GRILL Rubin, it was delicious so I thought I should order it here). -> 6.99BGN

We got our drinks (Hoegaarden, 4.69BGN & Cappy Apple, 2,39BGN) and the food came quickly. We got the salad and the spaghetti. Here's my critique...the salad was a lot (YAY! for that) in a bowl. It didn't seem presentable because it was all shredded. Fine we ate and erm...what can I say? WHERE IS THE VINAIGRETTE? Yup, basically we were eating just plain vegetables with no dressing at all. Oh my gosh! I had to add the mayonnaise-ketchup from the wedges to mix with the salad.

The Chicken & Mushroom Spaghetti was HORRIFIC! It was darker than the one I ate the other time (at another HAPPY's) and it tasted yucks! It tasted really eggy as though part of an uncooked egg. It didn't have the taste of mushroom as stated in the menu. It was simply HORRIBLE! What a disappointment.

On the good side...

As for the wedges, it was really nice (of course...these are commercialised food as in came from the factory, all you need to do is just deep fry) and the Granny's MeatBalls was juicy and tasty. Really good.

The service was just average. The food wasn't that fantastic except for the meatballs. The price is good and affordable but really, I don't wish to dine at HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest. Basically, that Happy didn't make me happy.

Lesson learnt, it doesn't mean all HAPPY BAR & GRILL restaurants are the same. You have to know the RIGHT one(s) to go to.

For those smokers, you wouldn't mind dining there but then again, do consider about the food there. Oh and please choose outdoor as to be more considerate to those non-smokers dining there :D We really appreciate it.
Outside HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest.
Inside HAPPY BAR & GRILL Budapest.
The colourful salad with no dressi…
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