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Gullfoss, Iceland

Gullfoss Reviews

nataliereynolds159 natalier…
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Breathtaking Apr 26, 2017
At least I think entrance is free? I was on a guided coach tour of the Golden Circle so I assume that I was paying for the coach ride. I didn't see any booths or anything that would hint you have to pay for entrance but please don't hold me to this....

I cannot stress enough just how beautiful this was!! The pictures honestly do not do it justice. Being someone who had never seen a waterfall before I was pretty pleased to have this as my first.

'Gullfoss' in Icelandic translates to 'Golden waterfall' and our tour guide informed it is named this because when the sun hits the water at a certain angle, it looks golden. I personally didn't witness this but I certainly like the idea and an imagination alone makes the whole thing seem more magical. The water comes from one of the glaciers called 'Langjokull' (meaning long glacier) and runs down, creating the waterfall and then forming a river which I think was called the White river (I'm taking this information from my tour guide here and my memories of the exact facts are a little hazy- please don't accuse me of false information if I am incorrect). The waterfall itself is actually 2 waterfalls that fall in a step like formation. It's just amazing, huge and an absolutely stunning piece of nature.

Yes, the place is full of tourists, just like you would expect at ANY natural attraction anywhere in the world, but it's by no means crowded because it's such a large area you can easily go and be by yourself if you wish.

They do have a gift shop/restaurant there also (With free wifi yaaay). I tried the traditional Icelandic meat stew which was recommended by my tour guide and I must say it was just delicious!! I can't remember the price but I do remember it wasn't too expensive, and you could get your bowl re-filled as many times as you liked! I only had 1 bowl as it was very filling, but it was warm, full of flavour and just what I needed. I also sat right by the window and has extensive views of the area around the waterfall while I ate.

Definitely would recommend visiting Gullfoss during a trip to Iceland!
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sarahelaine sarahela…
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The Golden Fall Jan 03, 2010
Gullfoss is one of the most powerful falls in Europe (yes, it is in Europe - the rift valley is to the west of the falls!), and it is very beautiful. Gullfoss was translated for me as the Golden Falls.

Whne we were there it's flow was much reduced because so much of the fall was frozen. We approached from the bottom. It is hard to see all of the falls at once, as the chasm sort of kinks round. From the top car park, it looks a little like a normal set of rapids until you get closer.

The falls were almost developed for hydroelectricity, and there was a lucky escape when the developer went bust in the early twentieth century and the falls fell back into the hands of the people.

The falls are lovely, majestic and impressive. I would be willing to bet you get great rainbows here in summer, although when I was there it was midwinter and the sun never came high enough to light the water up.

There is a nice cafe with a good shop, which serves traditional Icelandic meat soup. If you come in Winter, you will be very grateful indeed for soup and a hot drink!
The falls
In the area
Vikram says:
Shame I'm veg (and can't taste the meat soup).
Posted on: Jun 12, 2012
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
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Golden Falls Jun 28, 2008
Last stop on the Magic Roundabout, sorry Golden Circle Tour and was a wee bit more difficult to navigate from Geysir. Not helped by meeting a cycle race in the middle of nowhwere on a narrow road, as I was really just starting to be getting used to driving on the 'other' side of the road.

There is a car park at the top, next to a souvenir shop and a cafe, which was practically empty by the late afternoon when we arrived.

The first thing that hits you is the noise of the falls. We were there in late June, so the river was pretty full with the ice melt having been going on for a while.

You walk down and there is a viewing platform, where even at that distance from the falls, you will get soaked by the spray coming off them.

There are a steep set of wooden stairs to take you down to the falls, and the noise when you are right beside them is more like a roar.

Easy enough to clamber out onto the rocks between the two steps of the falls, though I wouldn't fancy falling in :O

Having done the three main bits of the Golden Circle might be enough for a day, but we had other plans.
Gullfoss 'Steps'
Getting Soaked Even At Distance
Spray At Gullfoss
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nadda nadda
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Jul 18, 1994
This is a beautiful waterfall. The most beautifull waterfall in Iceland and it's name is Gullfoss which means Golden Falls. Gullfoss has a beautiful rainbow right beside the falls.
Eric says:
Sounds nice! Do you have any photos? :)
Posted on: Apr 17, 2007

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