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Gullfoss, Iceland

Gulfoss Gullfoss Reviews

davejo davejo
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The Golden Falls Feb 04, 2017
No trip to Iceland is complete without a trip to Gulfoss, where the Hvita River drops 32 m in two different drops. The water rushes over the falls at an average of 146 cu m per second, although it has been recorded at 2,000 cu m per second during a flood. As you look down in awe at the gorge at Gullfoss did you ever think how it was formed? Flash floods forced water through the cracks in the basalt lava layers which eventually grew larger and larger until the gorge was formed. A tremendous amount of water flows down the river, sometimes reaching 2,000 cubic m per second which is enough to fill 60 water containers in a second. Occasionally flash flood from Hvita occur and it has been known for the gorge to overflow.

Gullfoss is Iceland's most famous waterfall and consists of a double cascade which drops 32 m in spectacular fashion. Gullfoss means golden falls in English and it well deserves its name. I am told that in the winter the falls glitter in the sunlight, and on sunny days shimmering rainbows can be seen. After the falls the river thunders away through a narrow rocky ravine. From the parking lot there is a nearby lookout over the falls but you can continue past the visitors center for a few hundred metres and look down from another viewpoint to the spectacular falls. Once you have been to these two lookouts take the oath that leads down to the falls where you will pass by the beginning of the rocky ravine and end up on a rock just by the first cascade. I stood there with eyes glued on this wonderful view and marveled at the power of the water flowing over the falls.

The path that leads from the car park down to the falls is called the Sigridur Trail which is dedicated in memory to Sigridur Tomasdottir (1871-1957) who made the first steps to the GULLFOSS falls with the help of her sisters, and guided visitors through the harsh terrain. In 1907 Sigridur's father leased the land to some foreign investors and found out that the government had given permission for a hydroelectric project. Tomas Tomasson was so irate he walked all the way to Reykjavik to protest, but as luck had it the investors failed to pay the lease so the agreement was nullified in 1929 and the falls were saved. In 1979 the falls were given to the government and a memorial to Sigridur was placed on the path by the falls.
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natotiger29 natotige…
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Waterfall Aug 15, 2009
Pretty much the Niagra Falls of Iceland. A three tiered fall that will amaze you. To get there take Highway 1 from Reykjavik for about 100K. Take the third exit on the roundabout just before entereing Sulfass. Another 20 and you are there. There is a gift shop up top, but if you are not interested in that I suggest taking the first exit and parking below, uless you like stairs. You can walk right up to the falls, just don´t slip! There is no handicap access all the way there, but you will see spectacular views from the parking area. I´ll put pics up in a few weeks...
Traveling_Brian Travelin…
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Sep 08, 2005
Gulfoss is one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland. I was amazed at all the waterfalls in Iceland, but this one will simply blow you away. The sheer size of it makes it an impressive sight. If you are looking for a marvel of nature, look no further.

Gulfoss is highly accessible. Most tours swing by Gulfoss and it is easy to get to by bus or car. It is handicap accessible as well. What this all adds up to is a very crowded waterfall.

I recommend going there very early in the morning. I did and I was able to enjoy the waterfall in peace and solitude making it all the more better.

I'd like to visit it in the winter time. I have seen some photos of the waterfall frozen over. It looks amazing even when not moving.

Oh... and prepare to get wet. The amount of mist this waterfall can create will leave you damp in no time.
Gulfoss, Iceland (2005)
Gulfoss, Iceland (2005)
Gulfoss, Iceland (2005)
Gulfoss, Iceland (2005)

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