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Dublin, Ireland

Guinness Brewery and Storehouse Dublin Reviews

bigstoney82 bigstone…
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Had to go! Apr 05, 2012
It seems America is obsessed with Guinness, personally i have never liked it, it just didn't taste good to me, but when i decided to go to Dublin, i knew i had to come here, its just one of things that feels like you have to see.

The brewery was founded in 1759, by Arthur Guinness.

It cost 14EURO to enter, but that includes a pint, so i don't think it was too bad for admission. The tour takes place in the "Storehouse" not the actual brewery. You start out, basically at the bottom of a pint glass, it took awhile for us to figure that out, haha, but somewhere along the line my friend pieced it together.

It's very esthetically pleasing through out the whole tour, which you do on your own, at your speed, which i always think is nice, minus the fact that you bound to miss something. If you've ever toured a brewery, you pretty much know what to except from this tour, if not, then you will see a lot of old brewing equipment, that's not in use, there's an indoor water fall, not very large, Barley seeds, which you can pick up and smell ( and take with you, i guess, although that doesn't seem like a good idea ) and Hops blooms behind glass, all kinds of random factoids that if i told you, you'd have no reason to go! There is also lots of old memorabilia, which i thought was one of the coolest parts, seeing all the old labels and bottles is awesome to me. there's places for snacks and sandwiches and things like that. The very best part is at the top of the building in the GRAVITY BAR, perfect view of the whole city from up there, and of course that is where the free pint is! There is also a "poor your own pint" area that you can use your free pint ticket at, but i didn't want to screw mine up some how, haha.

Over all i liked it, i knew what to expect from going to the Heineken Experience, my friend however was a little disappointed because you don't get to see the actual brewing process.

Fun fact, Guinness as we know it today was an accident! They burnt a batch of barley, and instead of throwing it away, they went down to the port and sold it to the Porters for cheaper than normal, and they loved it, and that how the beer terminology "Porter" came to be..... Or at least that the story we heard! > ; ^ D
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bigstoney82 says:
You didn't drink your Guinness?!? We might not be able to be TB friends anymore, Lindsay! > ; ^ P
I like the place, too, it was cool. You missed out cuz it was some good beer!
Posted on: Aug 31, 2012
LindsayA says:
Loved the place, very visitor focussed and interesting for the non-technical person. And, shamefully, none of us like Guiness so we had soft drinks in the Gravity Bar and gave our beer tickets away...
Posted on: Aug 31, 2012
bigstoney82 says:
I love it, it's not all i drank, but i had more than i had ever had before! haha
Posted on: Jun 05, 2012
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tj1777 tj1777
378 reviews
Guinness Storehouse Jan 29, 2011
The Guinness Brewery is the obviously the biggest brewery in Dublin - it takes up a huge part of the city with the big buildings down close to the river. Unfortunately the brewery isn’t open for visitors - but you can go and visit the Guinness Storehouse which previously was in use as a storehouse for the beers from the brewery. Today the storehouse has been transformed into a big visitor centre where you’ll get an introduction to the brewing and history of Guinness. You can save a bit of time if you pay for your ticket by credit card - if you pay by credit card you won’t have to stay in line and wait to pay for tickets instead you can buy your ticket in one of the machines next to the entrance.

I went there on a Saturday - which is probably a bad idea - because Dublin is pretty full of tourist during the weekend - and the most popular attraction in the city is by far the Guinness Storehouse. So even though the place is pretty big it do tend to get a bit crowded and unlike other breweries you might have visited this place seems a bit more commercialized where you are pretty much but being led through the place having to watch some introductions to the product on TV monitors.

If you ever been to one of the famous breweries around Europe this place - cant really measure up to these places. If you haven’t been to any of the real breweries around Europe this place is still worth a visit.

The highlight of the tour is the Sky Bar which is on the seventh floor. When you get there you get to taste product while you can enjoy a great view of the city. Naturally you should expect to drink standing up considering the seize of the bar isn’t really big enough to handle the number of visitors.
The original lease of the ground o…
The top of the building
The barley
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Liselore_Verschuren says:
Congrats on your featured review Mickey! :)
Posted on: Jun 21, 2011
monky says:
Congrats on your featured review!
Posted on: Jun 20, 2011
Koralifix says:
Congrats on this feature, Mickey! Good on you!
Posted on: Jun 20, 2011
yur yur
8 reviews
Once you go up, you can't go down. Jul 04, 2011
The Guinness Brewery & Storehouse is located in the center of Dublin.

This is a museum, everything that you want to know about this brand, is here and you will get to see it. You can even touch and smell the ingredients. My favorite part is of course the waterfall, although I don't know if that's what they call it. It's this huge surge of water continuously falling, it's so strong that you can' even hear your conversations when you're beside it.

Tip: Don't drink too much while still on the tour, just wait for the gravity bar upstairs. That's what everyone is waiting for too. Although that exactly wasn't my case. They lure you, no not lure, but they make you taste Guinness beer, you can have as many as you want with these small glass full of Guinness, they're not shot glasses, but a little bit taller. There I was, after few drinks, I started to get dizzy. I finally stopped because it's still a long way to go to the Gravity bar.

The last segmentof the tour is the bar with magnificent views. We reached the Gravity bar by taking the glass walled elevators up. I swear, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw the views. We don't have those views here in the US and it just feels so surreal. Anyway, the Gravity bar is so awesome in it's own ways. My favorite was the windows with engraved excerpts of famous writers, just like in my photo (forgive the bad quality).

Trust me this place is so worth it. I'm sold for the views alone, I can't wait to go back again and drink complimentary Guinness too. Eye laffs eat.
Bottoms up!
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Momentum80 Momentum…
10 reviews
Great day learning about beer Mar 16, 2011
It was only 15 euros and included a free pint of Guinness. The Guinness store house is a converted building at the Guinness brewery in Dublin. It is no longer used in the brew process and is now a multistory museum in the Guinness complex. It is multiple floors and teaches you all about the history of the brewery and the process to make the beer. As you enter you are greeted by videos explaining the history of Guinness and how the museum came about. Then you walk through all the different areas of the brew process. They start with the ingredients and explain how they are grown, harvested and selected. They have the actually natural products growing or in big containers you can sift through. They also have sample of the roasted barley to taste, which is very similar to the beer taste. Along the way there are interactive displays to learn about the beer. There is also a video tour of sorts. Areas of the floor are numbered and its set to show the brew master and he explains the process as you move number to number. There is no way to pause this so you have to keep moving to stay on pace with it. If you decide to stay at an area longer, just wait and in a few minutes the next round will catch up to you. There are two opportunities to taste Guinness, in the middle of the tour and at the end. They give you a coupon for a free pint of Guinness at the bar or in the pour it yourself area. At the end they teach you how to pour a pint of Guinness and you keep the pint and you get a certificate that says you are an official pourer. I suggest relaxing for a bit in the bar upstairs. It gives an amazing view of Dublin.
brettjayhawk brettjay…
26 reviews
A Drink a Day Jun 08, 2011
We decided the best way to see Dublin and get to the brewery was by walking. We were staying by Temple bar so it was a little bit of a walk. I've got to admit that this is a giant tourist trap but ofcourse I'm went when I was in Dublin. It cost around 14 Euro to get in and probably not worth it because its not a guided tour. You walk around on your own visiting different parts of the brewery. One of my favorite exhibits was all the promotional material from over the years. The center of the building is a giant Guiness pint glass.

By far the most exciting part was the end of the tour. We decided to do the Perfect Guinness Pour. The room overlooks the outside areas of the brewery and you get to learn how the to poor a pint. They attempted to teach me to do the clover on the foam but I didn't get it. We then got another pint and took it up to the 360 bar and got a view over Dublin while drinking a pint.
Perfect Pour
360 Room
katieface katieface
1 reviews
A must when visiting Dublin Apr 17, 2011
I love Guinness so i had to visit the storehouse, it tells you the Guinness story, you can either, after being taught, pour the perfect pint of Guinness and enjoy it in the bar, or save it till you get to the top and have a pint of Guiness where ther are 360 degree views of the city. One of the most interesting bits for me (apart from the free pint) was the advertising, some of it is just brilliant! well worth a look while your there and if you book online you get a discount.
saritabanana saritaba…
6 reviews
Afternoon Well Spent Mar 21, 2011
Spent an afternoon in the storehouse with my friend last was great!

Layout is great, very informative- keeps you engaged. Interesting to learn the history behind the famous brew.

Best part is they teach you to pull the perfect pint and give you a certificate to mark the occasion!

And then you get to take your very own poured pint to the Sky bar and enjoy the view!

Definitely worth the visit!
Pint Shaped Layout - Very Cool!
Original Safe Sir Arthur hid the G…
aliasunder aliasund…
3 reviews
Worth a visit! Mar 12, 2011
If you're in Dublin, I definitely recommend seeing the Guinness storehouse. It's currently the number one tourist attraction there, or so I've been told. I remember the cost being about 13 or 14 euros, and with that you get a tour of the storehouse and a free pint of Guinness afterwords. It was definitely an interesting and entertaining place to visit, and at the very top of the storehouse is the Gravity Bar, which is a really nice place to get your free pint. It's a circular bar with an amazing view of the city. I was up there just as night began to fall, and what a sight it was! It's full of people and has a very nice, social atmosphere. My visit to there was a very pleasant one, and if you happen to be in the area, why not visit?
elisameep elisameep
3 reviews
You have to do Paddy's day in Dublin once in your life! May 02, 2011
Although the Euro is strong and therefore Dublin is quite pricey I would definitely recommend heading there for Paddy's day. The parade is phenomenal and the food and drink and general welcome is amazing. Fit in an inexpensive bus tour of the city, stop off at the Guinness Storehouse and perhaps a tour out of the city to the coast and you'll have a perfect few days in the city!
lynnie2010 lynnie20…
2 reviews
Home to Guinness Apr 03, 2011
Guinnness storehouse is the seven storey visitor experience dedicated to the history and making of this world famous beer . you can discover what goes into the making of each and every pint and experience the tasting laboratory where you can learn to appreciate the beer like a real connoisseur . you minght even have chance to pour your own perfect pint .
dan dan
1 reviews
Guinness Storehouse Aug 20, 2011
The Guinness Brewery is the obviously the biggest brewery in Dublin - it takes up a huge part of the city with the big buildings down close to the river. Unfortunately the brewery isn’t open for visitors - but you can go and visit the Guinness Storehouse which previously was in use as a storehouse for the beers from the brewery. Today the storehouse has been transformed into a big visitor centre where you’ll get an introduction to the brewing and history of Guinness. You can save a bit of time if you pay for your ticket by credit card - if you pay by credit card you won’t have to stay in line and wait to pay for tickets instead you can buy your ticket in one of the machines next to the entrance.

If you ever been to one of the famous breweries around Europe this place - cant really measure up to these places. If you haven’t been to any of the real breweries around Europe this place is still worth a visit.
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ninaplinta ninaplin…
1 reviews
Thursday MARCH 17 2011

On March 17th, Guinness Storehouse will host a colourful festival to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. There’ll be live music, dancers, entertainers, Guinness tastings, complimentary local seafood and much more to get you in the festive mood. It’s a great excuse to be Irish for the day! All the festivities start around 2pm after the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin’s city centre.

All events and activities on St Patrick’s Day are included in the standard admission price to Guinness Storehouse.

Those who purchase a ticket online can also avail of a 10% discount off adult tickets.

Opening Times:

St. Patrick’s Day: 9.30 am - 7pm (last admission 7pm)

Admission prices:

Adults: €15


Bars, Retail Store, Restaurants, Coffee Shop, Complimentary car park, Wheelchair access.

How to Get There:

Bus: 51B and 78A from Aston Quay. 123 from O’Connell St.

LUAS: red line to St. James Hospital.
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rick24 rick24
1 reviews
Interactive and Entertaining Oct 05, 2010
Brilliant Place to go to, for the price of 15 Euro, The tour took me and my brother about 2 hours, followed by a few more hours spent at the "pour your own" tables.

Not led by a guide its a go at your own pace tour, its also very hands on you can smell and taste different ingredients and even sample the finest, freshest Guiness in the world.

The tour ends in the gravity bar which has a 360 degree view of Dublin, and of course a free pint to end a great day.

Highly recommended and if you are travelling to Dublin you would be stupid not to go.
St James's Gate
"Pour your own" Tables
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sylviandavid says:
Is a pint of beer enough to enjoy the view?.... just wondering... sylvia
Posted on: Mar 12, 2011
jameshendicott jameshen…
38 reviews
a must-see while you're in Dublin, for the beer and views Dec 18, 2010
Some people aren't overly positive about the Guinness Storehouse. It's true, it is very corporate (to be expected) and it doesn't have much in the way of a tour, but those are the only down sides for me. The displays are interactive, so you get plenty of chance to learn about 'the black stuff'. There's a lot of related material as well, so you don't only learn about the brewing methods, but about the branding and advertising, the transport methods, how to make the beer barrels, stuff like that.

Of course, you also get to try a Guinness or two. I'm not from Ireland (I do live here), and I can honestly say that it is better in Ireland than anywhere else. Something to do with not having to be pasteurized, apparently. Make sure you get to the top, where you can pour your own pint (or have the barman pour you one, included in an adult ticket) and look at the views, which stretch to the Wicklow Mountains and the Howth peninsula on a good day. I'd ignore the shop, though, the selection's not quite as good in town, but the price is quite dramatically cheaper.
sylviandavid says:
Nice review! Sylvia
Posted on: Mar 12, 2011
jameshendicott says:
I've never tried that to tell you the truth Gerald. It might well be the case, I've always gone through the museum.
Posted on: Dec 18, 2010
sirgerald12th says:
I agree with you! The Guiness in Dublin is far better than any other Guiness I've had anywhere else. If my memory serves me correctly, the bar is open and you don't have to go/pay through the museum to gain access..right?
Posted on: Dec 18, 2010
ellieisamazing ellieisa…
79 reviews
Tour my arse! Feb 16, 2010
This tourist attraction is touted as a brewery tour of the Guinness factory. After paying 15 euro you are led to the main floor of this 7 story tourist trap and some young girl goes on and on about some document that was signed that is in glass on the floor. At the end she tells you this is not even the original document. And at the end of the self-guided tour you realize, you are not seeing any real brewery either. Rather, on most floors you will see videos of the brewing process or see big writing on the wall explaining the brewing process. The only real thing you see is a huge gift shop with the word Guinness slapped on every type of tshirt, glass, snow globe etc, etc... On the 7th floor is an area where you get your free pint of Guinness and get a good view of Dublin (big deal). There was suppose to be a place on the 4th floor where you can learn to pour a pint and get a certificate, but, it was closed that day (and that pint counts as your free beer.) This tour is a total rip-off!
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sylviandavid says:
Thanks for your review.... I appreciate your perspective .... We have been in places like that too where we expected one thing but it was more commercial... Sounds like the bar at the top was everyone's favorite! Sylvia
Posted on: Mar 12, 2011
jameshendicott says:
to be fair it's touted as a storehouse, not a brewery (which is what it originally was). If anyone told you it was a brewery tour, they werent from Guinness. The exhibitions are actually quite impressive, too. As for being a rip off, given that a pint normally costs 5 Euro and the entry fee is 15, I dont think it's all that bad compared to some places in Dublin.

Sorry it left such a bad taste in your mouth, it certainly didn't make me feel the same.
Posted on: Dec 18, 2010
canuck_downunder05 canuck_d…
57 reviews
Could have been better Dec 11, 2009
Well, my bf and I just barely made our visit to the Guinness Factory as we had missed our initial bus from Galways to Dublin.

But when we got checked in to our hostel in Dublin, we were easily directed towards the dark beer we were dying to sip again.

When we arrived, there is quite a distance fromt he main street to the entrance of the tour. But it was easy to find and luckily for us it was not a busy time of day so we walked directly to the ticket booth. The tickets in were decent and didn't cost too much.

When we got in, we found the entrance to pretty cool, and very informational.. It follwed the same layout as many other beer tours I have been on with that it described where the beer originated, how it is made, and you continue your way up the building, you eventually come to an area where you can pour your own Guinness. As a bartender I realize this takes a long time. So the Guinness rep, shows how to pour the beer. There is about 10 of us, so one by one people go up and figure out pour their beer 3/4 of the way up before letting it settle for a few mins. Everyone would go through this process first and then the first person would finish pulling the rest of their beer. I liked the idea of getting to pour your own Guinness. For many this was their first time. I just didn't enjoy being at the back of the line waiting for 9 people ahead of me to pour. Maybe they could had a few more taps or areas with in their bar area to move people through faster. I couldnt imagine if there was more people. I just wanted to drink my yummy beeer!

But overall the tour was ok. I wish it could have been more interactive. There was no tour guide and only a few audio sections. We did really enjoy the commercial ads shown throughout the years and all the marketing they have done. Guinness has done very well for themselves seeing as their 250th Birthday was this year.
Welcome! we are here!
Stoked to get insde
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sylviandavid says:
I had no idea the Guiness tours were like this.... I have only bee on a Busch beer tour and they were very personalized.... but I do love the dark Guiness beer! sylvia
Posted on: Dec 11, 2009
CalgaryJay says:
Man I miss Guinness! It's just not the same back in Canada.
Posted on: Dec 11, 2009
canuck_downunder05 says:
Yeah Francis, I came to really like it. Usually drink that when I went out after work. 3-4 pints and then I start to get a bit full and tipsy ;) But yeah I really miss it. We found a pub in Santorini, Greece for the 250th Bday and had a pint too.
Posted on: Dec 11, 2009
jdale75 jdale75
3 reviews
Great tour if you like Guinness Jul 22, 2009
I'm a Guinness drinker, so this tour was great for me. It's a big advertisement for Guinness but does contain some interesting stuff. The view from the Gravity Bar is great.
monky says:
Hmmm I see you are a big fan of beer!
Posted on: Nov 27, 2009
Flyinhigh says: is fun for Guiness drinkers!!
Posted on: Aug 09, 2009
purplejoker purplejo…
5 reviews
Irish beer in the heart of Dublin Aug 28, 2008
I've been to the Guinness brewery 3 times so far. Once each in 2001, 2002, & 2003. The first time was a great vacation and stayed at friends' flat, and the two others where during St. Patrick’s Day. Very crowded. This brewery has one of the best self guided tours of a brewery I have ever been to. It was like wondering through a museum of Science & Industry, except it was all about Guinness. By the time you make it to the top (end of tour) you have access to the Gravity Bar and a free Guinness (more avail. upon purchase). My wife didn't like Guinness until that day we first went. We walked for so long and took in so much info, she was extremely parched by the time we got to the top. She "broke down" and drank her complimentary Guinness and fell in love. I don't even know how many we consumed by the end of that night, but without being too graphic, let it be known, extreme amounts of Guinness with in turn alter a certain normal bodily function. I shall leave it at that.

The gift shop is outstanding in its selection as it should be, and those who like Guinness, this is the perfect place to pick up one of those metal Guinness signs we all know & love.

The view from the gravity bar stretches over all of Dublin and should be seen by everyone who visits Dublin.
Screw the pearly gates. St. James …
Barrels of power
A Guinness in the Gravity Bar. One…
Michelle tries her Guinness.......…
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sylviandavid says:
Like this review.... sylvia
Posted on: Dec 11, 2009
homeres homeres
63 reviews
My Goodness a Guinness Mar 23, 2008
Beer enthusists everywhere know there are certain drinks associate with an area of country, Sake--Japan, Heineken---Holland, Miller--America, and Guinness of Dublin, Ireland.

I was excited to come here and couldnt pass up missing this place!

The line was long but worth the wait. We paid for our tickets ( if you're lucky you can get a student admission rate if you have your ID). The Storehouse is different than most brewery tours because it is self-guided! Which is good, walk at your own pace and it gives you plenty of time to take all the photos you want.

There are two levels. Each station offering a interesting, interactive view of how they make your Guinness! Once you get to the second floor, samples of Guinness are poured from off the Tap.

It is a great tour and if you want to try more Guinness, theres more pubs toward O'Connell goodness : )
Ah Guinness Storehouse
Me posing for the camera
festerwretch festerwr…
54 reviews
Feb 14, 2008
It’s a self-guided tour of the Guinness-making process, plus a look back at the various advertising campaigns over the years (especially the John Gilroy “Guinness is good for you” “Lovely day for a Guinness” and “My Goodness! My Guinness!” type of animated advertising with animals or very strong humans… also, nothing to do with John Gilroy, but the advertising section even including photos of Rutger Hauer!). All culminating in a pint of Guinness at the end, either at the top (Gravity Bar) with views of Dublin, or down a few levels where you can pull your own pint, with a professional showing the proper method for novices. €14 charge, I didn’t think to ask if there was a student discount.
Not from the Liffey!
Everybody at the top for their pin…
homeres says:
yea dude they gave me a student discount, thank God I still kept my old expired one : )
Posted on: Sep 19, 2008
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