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Although its troubled past might give even a veteran traveler pause, Guinea should not be overlooked simply because of the political issues which have plagued it over the years. Nestled along the western coast of Africa between Guinea-Bissau, Sengal, Mali, Cote d’lvoire, Libera, and Sierra Leone, the interior of the country—specifically the rainforests—provide some of the most epic scenery within Africa. Although it has some coastline, it is not a country known for its coastal destinations. Primarily it is the hiking, the animals, and the habitat that provide travelers with the necessary reasons to come here.

Due to the political climate between Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Cote d’lvoire, the regions in and around the borders to these countries should be absolutely avoided. Checking the local embassy before you go is considered a wise choice, as certain areas in the proximity of these borders can be simply too dangerous to go to. Guinea is not a destination for the first time traveler. Accommodations will be iffy at best, transportation will need to be negotiated for, and safety is not necessarily guaranteed. However, with that being said, the country provides some of the most amazing sights within all of Africa, from the Fouta Djalon Plateu with its hundreds of waterfalls and rolling green hills, to the vibrant nightlife of Conakry, the capital city.

Visas will need to be acquired prior to arrival. It is best to fly into Guinea, rather than try to deal with the border crossings, due to the dangerous nature of the roads. There are no buses, and public transportation is like nothing you've seen before. The official language is French, and it will be difficult for you to find anyone speaking English. Bottled water is a given, and it's wise to travel with a companion. White at first glance it might seem as though there is not much to see in Guinea, if you are an outdoor enthusiasts this is one of the best untouched destinations for hiking and scenery.

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