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Yangshuo, China

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blue_angelfei blue_ang…
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Memorable Guilin trip Jun 20, 2010
It was real wonderful trip that i had. There were a lot of new things that I have discovered from my backpacking trip despite the odds of having insufficient cash at hand and me being 'almost pickpocketed'!

Oh, let's talk about my pick pocketing experiece, on our last day, me and friend were at this shop for souvenirs, while busy looking at the biscuits, somebody from outside actually tried open my bag by waving it, the guy pretended to make way as the lane seem narrow, but I think the movements were too much, that I turned my head, too my shock, my bag was wide open, and I thought I lost my purse, as it was not on the top surface of the bag, so me being the panick one, shouted " 为什么我的包打开了!残 了我的皮包不见了! And everybody looked at me, the guy 'sheepishly' said " you never properly look at your things, how dare you accuse people of stealing, then he said, it must be the kid who did it" But there was no kid that visited the shop, he basically said this to divert my attention to not look at him as the thief !

But I digged properly at my bag and found my purse way underneath, which was a blessing! Otherwise, the guy would have stolen it without me noticing.

As usual, my bag is just as messy as my bedroom in Tocil, it was full of stuff, like toilet paper (in case of Guilin toilets, no toilet paper and i needed to sneeze as I caught cold as soon as I arrived in Guilin....destined that I will be sick on arrival in HK or Guilin), some mini bags i bought from the stores (quite cute with tribal designs), some water bottle, a camera and etc rubbish on top of my purse!

My friend, her name is Austine, as soon as she heard me yell 为什么我的包打开了!残 了我的皮包不见了! , she quickly checked her bag, and found that the zipper to one of her bag pockets were open, and the money inside was missing!!! Luckily, she kept all her money separate from her ID documents, otherwise it will be very troublesome for her when she get back to KL. And thank God, the pickpocketers didn't get my purse, as I didn't separate my ID documents from my purse, once lost, I am confined to doom!!

After Austine found out her zipper was opened, she questioned the other guy (an accomplice of the guy who targetted me, so we suspected), to show out all his pockets, but nothing was found from his pocket! So Austine said " even if you had hid it in your underwear, there would be no way we can ask you take it off" and we had to leave it as that. We were disappointed with the security in Guilin on the last day and was upset that the Gong An couldn't do anything about it. The shop assistants told us after the incident that it was common that pickpockets operate in Guilin's Zhen Yang Bu XIng Jie especially during peak hours when there is crowd in shops. They target everybody including locals!

Anyway apart from the last shocking incident, we actually find the locals very considerate, they give bus seats to ppl who are elderly (although some are very unfriendly to us on the first day, when we ask for directions, I actually felt them very cold, and sad that they give us this expression, and instantly felt like going home as I was also feeling unwell on the day).

And I love the fact that Guilin's rubbish bins separate recyclable from non recyclable, ie. 2 sections of rubbish. It's so much advanced than Malaysia in terms of recycling initiatives. And I find that the buses in Guilin are cheap and very frequent, compared to Malaysia, the bus system is world standard!

Basically all the days except on 2nd day in Guilin, when we took tour package to cover Li River Cruise and Yang Shuo, we were travelling on our own via local buses. We talked, ate and travelled like a local Chinese. People even suspected we were from GuangZhou, which we gladly played along.

Yang Shuo is nice, but not as nice as described by many websites etc. comments, perhaps I got bored of the hills after one day in Guilin, as everywhere looked almost the same. I enjoyed the bamboo raft trip though, but I hate the fact that they were touters selling photos they took of our water bamboo raft trip.

Another hundred thumbs up at Yang Shuo s the Liu San Jie performance that was chereographed by Zhang Yimou, the performance was magnificent, it was comparable to the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. But this was better, as we bought the cheapest tickets costing RMB199 which surprisingly allow us to sit at the first row where we can see all the performances closely. What's so spectacular about this performance was a question I bet would come up in your mind, which did for mine. The great thing about this performance is that its back drop is actually using 2 to 3 big mountains by itself, the nature was its backdrop, and at night they lit up the mountains with the necessary lighting, sounds and the actors and actresses were basically the fishermen, village people and other natives from Guilin that were very good at bamboo rafting!! The performance utilised 600 people which we really saw from all the villages in Guilin. The river and mountains itself was a

natural stage play for Liu San Jie performance with the boatmen using their boats to dance and perform at the same time at magnificent manageable scale with all fire, colours, sounds with pomp and splendour. It was totally awesome!!

I loved the food in Guilin, we had all the nice best restaurant food for our dinners in Guilin, from Lipo Taro Pork to Beer Fish (this is my favourite, but too spicy for my flu). The ones I recommend you to visit are "Zhen Yang Tang Chen" or better still with music played in the restaurant for dinners is " Guilinese Good Luck Restaurant" all situated at Zhen Yang BU Xing Jie.

Our first day, I remember enjoying the climb over the Solitary Beauty Peak, and visiting the Tai Suis , and it was worth the ticket, as RMB50 ticket includes a free guide that speaks quick Chinese. I can really feel that there is really good Feng Shui for this Solitary Beauty Peak as it was a palace for one of the Ming Dynasty Princes, that had good fortune for more than 15 generations due to the solid good Feng Shui stance it built on the place. There is seriously lots of good 'chi' around Guilin and especially Solitary Beauty Peak, as although i was sick all the 5 days in Guilin, I managed to climb all the mountains in Guilin without feeling sick at all!!! It was only when I was out of the mountains, that I felt my flu coming back.

Oh and another memorable thing about Guilin is the panda bear, Yue Yue (Moon Moon) at Seven Stars Park. She was so lazy and fat but cute. I love anything that is fat, I find them very cute and sometimes sexy. Photos are as attached. The rest in Seven Stars Park was the astonishing stalagmites that are over 1000 years old cleverly illuminated with variety of lightings and illustrated with all sorts of mystics and folk lores by the cave administrators and guides. The boring one was Reed Flute Cave, although the sight was to be awe, the stories were too bland and our guide not interesting enough.
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shane says:
Carry Camera bags to the front of you, had a camera removed in Guilin while walking quicklly.
Posted on: Jan 03, 2014
cthunder86 says:
Awesome review. Did you arrange this through your hostel?
Posted on: Feb 15, 2012
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mildrednz mildrednz
6 reviews
Jul 26, 2007
Guilin is the place you have to hit if you find yourself in China. Do not stop there though, Yangshuo (said Yang-shwor) is the place to be. You can jump in a bus at the Guilin bus station (if I remember rightly it’s 30 kuai or so) or take a boat for an action packed bumper boat ride (I think 100 kuai). This is where you catch some of the craziest water action in the world, with these huge boats constantly overtaking each other and people actually hooking on and catching the waves at the side of the boat (anything to make a buck). The scenery is spectacular however and once you are there there are a number of places to stay. There are only a few things to do here so it’s a great place to cruise, chill out and relax. I recommend the bamboo rafts although I have been told the prices have been put up now. The only way to see the area is by bike so grab yourself one and head on your way. If it’s rock climbing you are after then Karst is the place to go, not only do they have fantastic food but they also take you out to climb.
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