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There's almost no better place in Central America to discover ancient Mayan culture than Guatemala. Bordering Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador, Guatemala is nearly landlocked, with only a small strip of Caribbean coastline on the east matched by a similar strip of Pacific coastline in the southwest. The country is a rich tapestry of Central American lifestyle, from the steamy tropical jungles of the Western Highlands, to the Central Highlands around Guatemala City, and there is simply an overabundance of wealth and beauty to be discovered.

From the mountains, to the markets, to the Mayan ruins, to the culture, the cuisine, and the experience, there's something for everyone in Guatemala. While it's not necessarily a veteran traveler-only destination, first-timers should be aware that crime can be an issue in the more obscure parts of the country, and traveling with a group is generally considered a smart move. These days, it's almost a thing of the past, but caution should be taken just in case.

If it's your first time to Guatemala, start off in the capital city. Guatemala City has accommodations and transportation to suit every traveler’s needs, and between the little side-street cafés, markets, and the restaurants, you couldn't pick a better place to explore the rest of the country from. However, it is the Mayan ruins which really make Guatemala stand out amongst its Central American counterparts, and strapping on a pair of boots and getting into the jungle and the mountains is the best way to see this ancient empire. From the highland town of Chichhicastenango to the ruins of Tikal on Flores, to the amazing beauty of Lake Atitlan, there is way more than you can pack into just one trip. On top of that, there are also seaside resorts on both coastlines offering visitors the opportunity to explore that part of the country as well. With the literal dozens of Mayan ruins, an amazing culture, and an ease-of-use that’s perfect even for newbie travelers, Guatemala is a place that should be on any traveler's itinerary.

Antigua #1 most popular location
Antigua, is classified as a city. However, its population of some 35,000 plus inhabitants, makes it more like a bustling old age town. Located in the central highlands of Guatemala, its alti…
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Antigua Guatemala #2 most popular location
Antigua, is classified as a city. However, its population of some 35,000 plus inhabitants, makes it more like a bustling old age town. Located in the central highlands of Guatemala, its altit…
9travelers 14reviews
Guatemala City #3 most popular location
Guatemala City is the most modern city in Central America, providing the visitor, of numerous activities, such as modern and colonial sites, skyscrappers, museums, tours, colonial churches, n…
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Flores #4 most popular location
Flores is the capital, for the state of Peten, located 506 kilometers from Guatemala City, can be reach thru its International Airport "Mundo Maya" from domestic destinations, also internatio…
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Tikal #5 most popular location
As a secluded, difficult to get to jungle town full of ancient Mayan architecture, Tikal is a great spot to visit, off the beaten track yet every bit as impressive as the more internationally…
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Panajachel #6 most popular location
Panajachel offers the visitors a magnificent view, not only because of the 3 volcanoes that sorround it, but also by its lake Atitlan, the one mention by brittish writer/novelist Aldous Huxle…
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Quetzaltenango #7 most popular location
Quetzaltenango means, quetzal (national bird for Guatemala) and tenango (city or place), together they mean "City of the Quetzal", interesting convination. It was declared city 1825, some …
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San Pedro La Laguna #8 most popular location
San Pedro is a real gem on Lake Attitlan... the usual 'trip' around Lake Attitlan often starts at a place like Panajachel and goes around the lake, stopping at San Marcos, San Pedro, Santiago…
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Chichicastenango #9 most popular location
Chichicastenango, is one of Guatemala's most visit places by the tourist, have to mention that chichicastenango is better knowed for its market days near Santo Tomas church, its typical mayan…
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Lanquin #10 most popular location
Lanquín, one of the tribes conquered by a group of friars, among them: Fray Pedro Angulo, Fray Luis de cancer and Mr. Rodrigo de la cerda, was based on the year of 1540. Between 1540 and 1…
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Rio Dulce #11 most popular location
The area called "the Rio Dulce" begins at the mouth of the river on the Bahia de Amatique at the Garifuna town of Livingston. Going upriver, one passes through a spectacular steep walled cany…
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Livingston #12 most popular location
I have just returned from a six day stay in Livingston. I did some work at Ak'Tenamit a boarding high school for Maya and Garifuna kids just up the Rio Dulce. It is a terrific program. Yo…
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Lake Atitlan #13 most popular location
Lake Atitlán is a large lake in the Guatemalan Highlands. Atitlan is recognized to be the deepest lake in Central America with maximum depth about 340 metres (1,120 ft). The lake is shaped …
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Semuc Champey #14 most popular location
Semuc Champey is a Natural Monument located near Lanquin in Guatemala. The park is a steep valley of lush forest with a large rushing river at the bottom. At the throat of the valley the ri…
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El Remate #15 most popular location
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Coban #16 most popular location
City was founded in the year 1543 by the King of Spain Carlos V (the fifth), the cathedral was started to built the same year 1543, and still stands up to this date. At cathedral u will find …
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Santa Cruz La Laguna #17 most popular location
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Guatemala #18 most popular location
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Peten #19 most popular location
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Santiago Atitlan #20 most popular location
Santiago Atitlan is as atmospheric as San Pedro if not more... the market life is catchy Central America at its best ... men in cowboy hats, women in bright attire, children curious about the…
Monterrico #21 most popular location
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San Marcos La Laguna #22 most popular location
An island of its own... environment-friendly initiatives, yoga, massage, meditation, nature-friendly products,... the whole place is teeming with this atmosphere... and rather different from …
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Puerto Barrios #23 most popular location
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Huehuetenango #24 most popular location
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Pacaya Volcano #25 most popular location
El Jaibalito #26 most popular location
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Semuc #27 most popular location
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Rio Hondo #28 most popular location
Yaxha #29 most popular location
Escuintla #30 most popular location
By the high native population that existed during the pre-hispanic period and to be joined indissolubly to the conquest of Guatemala, the population of Escuintla, by its historic process, is …
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Poptun #31 most popular location
Puerto Quetzal #32 most popular location
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Zunil #33 most popular location
Chiquimula #34 most popular location
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Alta Verapaz #35 most popular location
Lago Atitlan #36 most popular location
Amatitlan #37 most popular location
San Pedro #38 most popular location
Santa Elena #39 most popular location
San Andres Xecul #40 most popular location
Santiago #41 most popular location
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Parque National Volcan Pacaya #42 most popular location
Retalhuleu #43 most popular location
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Quirigua #44 most popular location
Santa Rosa #45 most popular location
Todos Santos #46 most popular location
El Estor #47 most popular location
Santiago Sacatepequez #48 most popular location
Momostenango #49 most popular location
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Jaibalito #50 most popular location