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Grimshaw is a small place in Northern Alberta and the thing of greatest interest is the Cat Train. By this I do not mean a large means of transportation propelled by small felines but rather a very ingenious mode of transportation instituted in 1939 which involved the pulling of a number of sleighs by Caterpillar tracked vehicles. A fine example is to be seen promintnetly in the middle of the town.

Winters are brutal this far North in Alberta. Temperatures get way, way into minus figures and feet of snow are commonplace so it is certainly a place for hardy people. Hardy they may be but they are extremely friendly as well as I know from personal experience.

The current MacKenzie Highway which Grimshaw sits on was begun in the 1930's but temporarilly abandoned upon the outbreak of the Second World War.

Grimshaw today is a community of just shy of 3,000 people (2016 figures) and is strategically placed at the junction of Highways 2 and 35, as well as the 2A bypass which makes it an important distribution centre in Northern Alberta.

It is often referred to as "Mile Zero" because it marks the start of Hwy.35 which runs all the way up to the Northern Territories.

Grimshaw is named for a gentleman called Dr. M.E. Grimshaw who was the local physician back in the "pioneer days".

As with so many places in Canada Grimshaw boasts a huge sense of civic pride and for so small a place it boasts not one but two museums and an award winning arboretum.

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