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Greyhound Bus is a Nightmare Jul 03, 2011
The Greyhound Bus line has been providing transportation across the USA for many years. My first and only time riding the bus before my most recent trip to California was when I was about 7 or 8 years old, so I basically knew nothing about them. But I decided that rather than flying to the west coast this time I would take the longer route and enjoy some scenery along the way. Afterall, as the old cliché goes, getting there is half the fun.

After my three day adventure aboard their bus from Columbia Missouri to Los Angeles California, I can tell you that getting there was NOT half the fun. Make no mistake, I made some friends along the way and I have a new travel experience under my belt that I will not soon forget, but I will most certainly not be using their services ever again!

Let's talk money first. I always had an assumption that riding the Greyhound bus was cheaper than air travel, and perhaps it is in some circumstances. But in my case I actually could have used an airline such as Southwest for about half of what it costs to ride the bus (providing I booked far enough in advance). Futhermore, Greyhound makes frequent stops at restaurants and stores where they unload everyone so that passengers can spend money in these pre-arranged places (of which, I have no doubt, Greyhound is getting a cut). In three days on the road you can easily spend 100+ dollars on junk food and other crap, whereas on a flight you don't have to spend anything. One might argue that you're paying for the scenery and the chance to travel through all these states, and while that might be a valid argument in an ideal world, Greyhound is far far far from ideal!!!

Putting aside all the money talk, and let's just assume that Greyhound IS the cheapest way to go, their service and staff have to be the most atroscious you'll ever witness. I have never ever known anyone who is as rude and obnoxious as the drivers of Greyhound busses. I actually heard them cussing at some of the passengers who were merely asking some simple questions. It was so absurd and unprofessional that I immediately wrote a complaint to the corporate offices bringing this to their attention. We had approximately 6 different drivers on the trip and all but one failed to show even the slightest hint of courtesy or professionalism. It didn't get better with the employees who worked at the bus stations, either. I was told that I could always check on my luggage under the bus during our stops (because they warn you in fine print that you are responsible for your own checked luggage), but in Las Vegas the luggage handlers threatened to kick some *** when we tried to inquire about our suitcases.

As for their busses and comfort, I'm afraid to say things aren't looking up. The busses provide NO leg room. The seats in front of you have foot rests that prevent you from stretching out your legs. I will never complain about the seats in coach class on an airline again. I slept about two hours on this trip. On one of our busses the door to the bathroom was duct-taped together and wouldn't even shut all the way. But the real truth about how poorly they maintain their equipment needn't be embellished upon any further than just telling you that our bus broke down two times going up the mountain outside of Denver and then again in Nevada. Needless to say, this caused several delays, and not once did they ever offer an apology, a free meal, or any kind of compensation. And as I learned, it wasn't just this trip that was jinxed. Some of the passengers who were on their return trip said that their bus had also broken down on the departure side of the trip.

In the end, I was almost 12 hours late getting into Los Angeles. Thankfully, I had more than a 12 hour buffer before my flight at LAX. But I had to change my shuttle pickup 4 different times. The final blow that really made us want to pull out our hair was when they flat-out lied to us in Vegas. Since we were so far behind (many people had already missed their connecting bus rides or flights in L.A.), they assured us that our bus would be an express bus all the way to Los Angeles. In other words, no more stops to let off or get other passengers and no more unneccessary stops for breaks. When we returned to our gate for boarding there were about 20 new passengers in line, most of them with destinations before L.A. It was not an express bus, afterall, and we stopped about 6 times, with one stop in Barstow lasting an hour for lunch.

I understand that equipment sometimes fails and that schedules are not always kept, but no one can tell me that this is how a reputable business should operate. As I see it, this is not a reputable business. And frankly, I don't see how they stay in business. All I know for sure is that they will never get my business again. I will hitch-hike before I ride another Greyhound. I really do not like giving a company such a negative review, but in this case it's a no-brainer. I just hope I can prevent other unsuspecting travelers from experiencing the Greyhound nightmare I had.

I would also like to add that I have since sent two complaints to their customer service and have yet to get any kind of reply.
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hummingbird50 says:
Yep your exactly right James
and congrats again
Have a great day :)
Personally I prefer my car...and can stop to take in the views any time I like:) lol!
Posted on: Jul 05, 2011
pearcetoyou says:
I wish I would have read your review before I took it! haha
Posted on: Jul 05, 2011
montecarlostar says:
Greyhound buses are the worst in the world, I dare to say. It's incredible that a country like the USA doesn't have a better bus service. I agree with the previous comments, in the USA there's no choice but to rent a car!
Posted on: Jul 05, 2011
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