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England Progress Report
posted by:
Jan 01, 2013
So it has been one month since we last wrote and we have had some ups and downs along the way. Our jobs are going well, but wo…
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Home Sweet Home - Sort Of.....
posted by:
Nov 06, 2012
Ok so it has been some time since we last wrote about our adventures, basically because now that we are based and settled in su…
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Sharons Bucket List
posted by:
Jan 29, 2013
So it turns out that when you are drinking by yourself on a Saturday night your mind can wander and conjure up great ideas. My …
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Jobs & Other Stuff
posted by:
Nov 24, 2012
G'Day All... So, We have jobs!! Shazz was lucky enough to get work a couple of weeks back at an inbound call centre basic…
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Old Update.....
posted by:
Mar 25, 2013
Living life really is what we have been doing with ourselves really! Trying to go back through the last month is quite difficu…
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