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2109 Cedar St., Berkeley, CA, USA

Gregoire Berkeley Reviews

dlazzaro dlazzaro
47 reviews
Mar 03, 2006
This is a great little find. I went to Gregoire for lunch on the suggestion of my friend Eric, who eats there somewhat regularly. I learned that Gregoire changes its menu frequently, so if you only go there infrequently you will likely get something new. I was suprised to find that the eatery is more geared to take-out than eat-in. There are only two small benches. When I arrived there in February 2006, I found that the menu included about 10 items, including prosciutto sandwiches, fried potato puffs, and grilled chicken with a pesto sauce. I decided to order the grilled chicken with a side of the potatos. The young woman who took our order was very friendly and energetic, especially when I told her I was visiting from Los Angeles. The food took a few minutes, mainly because the chicken was grilled as we waited and Eric's salad had to wait for new batch of washed leaves. Once we got it, we went back to the apartment to eat. I was very impressed by the chicken and pesto wrap, which was grilled just right and had a generally pleasing taste and aroma. Unfortunately, the fried potatos were not quite what I hoped for. They were extremely filling and had an oily taste. In many ways, they were like a thick ball of mashed potato with a highly fried outer layer. I think I would have enjoyed eating one or two, but four or five made me extremely full. Over all, the food was good, and the fact that the potatos were filling wasn't that bad. I would highly reccomend Gregoire to anyone in Berkeley looking to have lunch or a take-out dinner.
bambina913 says:
Wow, this place brings back memories. I first came here when they just opened in 2002. The chef got me HOOKED on the soft shell crab sandwich. It didn't help that I worked weekend afternoons at the real estate office about a 30-second walk from Gregoire's! I believe I gained 5 pounds that summer because Cheeseboard Pizza was also just across the street from me. Ahhh...memories - love it!

Posted on: Jul 01, 2008
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Eric Eric
408 reviews
Oct 17, 2006
This tiny French takeout joint serves up some of the best food in the bay area. The cozy quarters give this place an unmistakably local charm, and because the kitchen is right next to the entrance, you can salivate as you watch the friendly staff prepare your food. If you elect to stay and eat at the tiny bar overlooking the stove, don't be surprised if Gregoire himself asks you how your food is. The menu changes every month and out of the 20+ meals I've had here, there hasn't been a dish I haven't liked. They are often sublime, sometimes excellent, and rarely only above average. My only very minor complaint is that the entrees are sometimes too rich and heavy in flavor. For something lighter, try the Soup of the Day or the crispy potato puffs. Normally, food like this is very expensive. If you go for lunch, though, you can score an amazing meal for less than $8. Dinner is more expensive, but still reasonably priced.
Almost literally a hole in the wal…
Maureenie says:
I want to echo my sister (mchesus) in that Gregoire is ridiculously delicious. She made me go there, and I am so glad. If you are reading this and haven't been yet, do yourself a favor and go. Now.
Posted on: Aug 19, 2008
Vikram says:
Oh true...and I would never say its an "unsafe" area because of one mugging incident that probably happens once in 5 years! but I guess to the person to whom it happens, he doesn't want to go back there and neither do his friends!
Posted on: May 22, 2008
Eric says:
Wow, where was he mugged? David and I used to live right across the street from Gregoire -- In fact, that apartment is where TravBuddy was born ;)
Posted on: May 22, 2008
maxcw maxcw
10 reviews
Jun 23, 2006
This place is so special. I once ordered their soup of the day--carrot. Not expecting anything amazing, I was shocked to find that it was some of the best soup I ever had! It was not only carrots, but hints of other vegetables and herbs that made for the perfect balance. In the month of August (I think) you have to try their scalloped potatoes. It made my knees buckle.

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