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Greece - When the merchant saw me taking pictures of the huge fish head he ran us and put a piece of lettuce into it's mouth... then he danced with me!  Ompa!
Greece - When the merchant saw me taking pictures of the huge fish head he ran us and put a piece of lettuce into it's mouth... then he danced with me!  Ompa!
Greece - Fish market: Octopus... I loved the busy vibrant markets... so fun to watch people and talk to them as they did their shopping.
Greece - Food market.... great variety: each store and area has a specialty...  olives, cheese, meat, fish, grains, spices... it's all so interesting!
Greece - Window shopping ... unusual pottery pieces for sale
Greece - Thessaloniki: Street players ... there was dancing and singing...up and down the streets.. great time!

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sylviandavid sylviand…
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Oct 09, 2007
We love Greece.... We love the warm people, the wonderful food, and the ancient sites. November travel is off season. Things are cheaper but the sites and museums close earlier. BUT... there are no tourists. No crowds, no lines, fewer annoyances. What you spend depends on what you consider a "good time"..... everyone is different.

For us a good time is taking a stroll down the street & stopping to listen to street players or window shop..We really liked the fish markets and open air markets. We love to talk to people and see what their perspective is.. We have visited great museums and art galleries and explored ancient sites that were reasonably priced.

There are clubs and bars everywhere. Our daughter found them fun and affordable with great music, dancing and friendly people.

FOOD: The cheapest food we found was the street food. (this was in February) It costs less to have a meal or a cup of coffee than in Italy.... and you can linger quite a while people watching (that's free).

MOTELS: We found motels between 25 and 50 euros... nice ones. In Greece the charge is per room instead of per guest (except at hostels) Cheaper accomodations are available... we felt happy with our price range.

I wish I were more help answering your query regarding where to have a good time without spending a lot of money.... There are so many things to see and do in Greece... I am certain you will have a wonderful time and be pleased with your visit. Hopefully more people with wider travel experiences can also answer your question .... Happy travels.
Fish market: Octopus... I loved th…
When the merchant saw me taking pi…
Food market.... great variety: eac…
Window shopping ... unusual potter…
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Sylvie1 Sylvie1
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Dec 16, 2007
When we where in Bodrum, we went to the Island 'Cos' for one day, because it was a very cheap excursion and that was something else. After the boat trip, 3 of our friends were held by the police over there, because they thought they weren't legally in the country. That's what you get when you go with people that are this crazy, those guys were making fun of them and stuff. One of our friends even kept his snorkel on when he talked to the police. But Greece itself is very nice. The people are sweet and the scenery is very beautiful. You can go swimming, do jetski, visit old things or just go shopping. There is much to do there and that's what made it so much fun. I really liked that day in Greece.
sylviandavid says:
I agree that there's lots to do in greece... good review... sylvia
Posted on: Nov 16, 2009
dodge says:
Where in Greece do you like most? I might go there this Apr and search around for info and recommendation :) BTW, the place in your pic looks really nice
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
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