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Athens #1 most popular location
One of the oldest remaining cities on the face of the planet, Athens has stood at the center of the world for thousands of years as a leader in philosophy, history, culture, and mythology. Fr…
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Mykonos #2 most popular location
A Greek Island that’s only a touch behind capital Athens in the tourism stakes, Mykonos is a fabulous corner of the Mediterranean, coated with white washed buildings and lush sandy beaches,…
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hersonissos #3 most popular location
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Rhodes #4 most popular location
The largest of the Dodecanese islands off the coast of coast of Turkey, and part of the Greek series of islands, Rhodes sits as one of the main islands in the group not only due to its size, …
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Fira #5 most popular location
Fira is the capital of Santorini. Fira is perched on the edge of an impressive cliff 260m high and offers a great panorama over the submerged volcano. Below Fira sits the port. Looking down t…
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Chania #6 most popular location
The first thing you hear about Chania - the Venetian Harbour, the old port, the narrow shopping streets and waterfront restaurants. The atmosphere has a touch of Florence and Venice, combined…
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Naxos #7 most popular location
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Santorini #8 most popular location
Consider arriving on the Greek island of Santorini on the slowest boat you can possibly track down. You’ll want every minute you can take to savor to stunning melodrama of the remnants of o…
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Rethymno #9 most popular location
The town still maintains its old aristocratic appearance, with its buildings dating from the 16th century, arched doorways, stone staircases, Byzantine and Hellenic-Roman remains, small Venet…
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Thessaloniki #10 most popular location
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Oia #11 most popular location
Oia is famous for its imaginary sunset and its narrow passageways get crowded in the evenings. The most popular spot to watch sunset is by the Kastro walls. Oia, is beautiful, exquisite small…
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Kamari #12 most popular location
A plesant shock to my tired system and that goes for all of Santorini but for Kamari and that top shelf Black sand beach in particular! Would live there if I could but not overwinter.My idea …
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Faliraki #13 most popular location
Faliraki is a simple tourist town near Rhodes Town offering everything a beach traveler could ask for. Full of hotels, restaurants, clubs, and tour offices, and with a nice beach. One could…
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Malia #14 most popular location
On the north coast of Crete, and about 20 miles east of Heraklion airport near Hersonissos and Sissi, Malia is renowned as the party capital of the island. It attracts a young crowd looking f…
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Imerovigli #15 most popular location
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Parikia #16 most popular location
Skiathos #17 most popular location
A dream island of Greece and a small part of heaven. Koukounaries is one of the most famous beaches in Europe with gold sand and clear blue water. Lovely to spend holiday away from the contin…
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Perissa #18 most popular location
Kos #19 most popular location
When it comes to offering access to some of the most ancient history in the world, Greece seems to have it all. In fact, anywhere you go in Greece you are surrounded by mythology, ancient his…
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Agios Nikolaos #20 most popular location
The sea in Agios Nikolaos is superb and the surrounding area of the city is noted for its sandy beaches and beautiful bays. The landmark of the city is a small lake, known as "Voulismeni" th…
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Naoussa #21 most popular location
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Ios #22 most popular location
Ios, in the Cyclades & Dodecanese islands, is another among the string of Greek islands famous for their sea and sun in the day and wild parties in the night... Ios draws a young crowd and ca…
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Laganas #23 most popular location
Laganas (Greek: Λαγανάς, alternatively called Lagana) is a town and a municipality located in the southern part of the Greek Ionian island of Zákynthos. Laganas is also located north …
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Nafplion #24 most popular location
Is a characteristic Greek town . And here two towns the new and the old . The most beautiful is the old part with the graphic Greek taverns and the small streets . A big market around for a…
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Stalis #25 most popular location
Milos #26 most popular location
Milos is the island which became famous for the Aphrodite or Venus of Milos and also for its 74 beaches. This island, thanks to its volcanic origin is known for its unique landscapes with co…
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Delphi #27 most popular location
There are few places in the world which hold such epic volumes of history and mythology wrapped into one special package than Delphi. Both a modern town and ancient archeological site on a so…
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Corfu #28 most popular location
With a history spanning centuries, steeped in the mythological presence of the ancient gods and goddesses which have become linked with Greek culture and history over the years, Corfu stands …
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Parga #29 most popular location
Parga is a nice...small greek town..at the foot of some mountains...It has a boulevard with many restaurants with a view at the sea..There is a small beach..It is not a very toeristic place..…
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Kalambaka #30 most popular location
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Lindos #31 most popular location
Lindos with the ancient village and Acropolis towering above and ocean view as far as the eyes can see, captures the heart of all who visit it. You can climb the Acropolis tower by foot thro…
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Agios Ioannis #32 most popular location
Kalamaki #33 most popular location
Kalamaki is a beach resort town on the Greek island of Zakynthos. It is located on the south of the island, in the Bay of Laganas. The beach at Kalamaki is also a nesting place for the endang…
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Tsilivi #34 most popular location
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Heraklion #35 most popular location
Iraklion is the biggest city in Crete (and fifth in Greece. History is very much alive in Iraklion just like in most Greek cities. The central square while surrounded by cafes, stores and res…
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Acharavi #36 most popular location
Kallithea #37 most popular location
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Poros #38 most popular location
The island's name means narrow strait, and is separated from the Peloponnese by only 370 meters. It is considered not only a very romantic place, but is also great place for families or backp…
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Kardamaina #39 most popular location
Tolo #40 most popular location
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Akrotiri #41 most popular location
Crete #42 most popular location
The fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and one of the most well-known destinations for travelers into the region, Crete is a Greek island that has stood as one of the major centers in …
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Gouves #43 most popular location
A small but growing resort town in Crete. Beautiful ocean front and plenty of beaches! Each end of the town has a larger beach, however in between these two is a significantly smaller beach…
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Ioannina #44 most popular location
Ioannnina is the capital of the NorthWest region of Greece with a great background of history and culture! The town is a true sight center; as exaggerated as it may be seen, the lake island o…
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Skopelos #45 most popular location
Skopelos is one of a group of Greek islands that are known as the Northern Sporads in the west Aegean sea. Skopelos is one of the greenest islands in the Aegean and boasts a large range of f…
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Kavos #46 most popular location
Kavos is a clubbing resort popular with the 18 - 30 crowd. Although it has only a small greek population it has a long strip of bars (75+) and clubs (4) It functions well as a clubbing res…
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Pythagoreio #47 most popular location
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Piraeus #48 most popular location
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Kissamos #49 most popular location
Plakias #50 most popular location
Plakias is formerly a small fishing village in southern Crete in the Rethymno District of Greece. The village probably has a population of about 300-500 people, about 100-200 houses, and eno…
Monemvasia #51 most popular location
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Agios Prokopios #52 most popular location
Firostefani #53 most popular location
Zakynthos #54 most popular location
Zakynthos (or Zante) is the third largest of the Ionian islands and has a population of around 40,000. In August 1953 the island suffered four earthquakes. The third and most destructive …
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Agios Gordios #55 most popular location
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Karpathos #56 most popular location
Karpathos is the second biggest island of the Dodekanisa complex and one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Apart from the beaches there is the ancient Citadel at the township of Lefkos…
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Patras #57 most popular location
Many Syrian refugees camping in makeshift plastic tents or in nothing at all.Stayed there for a few days to explore the place again and view all of the Ships.Was so glad to finally arrive in …
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Elounda #58 most popular location
Elounda is a resort on the east coast of Crete island, 10km north of Agios Nikolaos. It is set on a bay facing the Sinalonga Peninsula, which is connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway…
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Olympia #59 most popular location
Ancient Olympia is the location of one of the seven wonders of the world, the golden statue of Zeus. Also Olympia is nowadays a Unesco World Heritage site.
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Samos #60 most popular location
Samos - Greece is the most visited island of the North-Eastern Aegean Islands, keeping, nevertheless, its beauty and calm places. Situated very close to Turkey. It's a particularly green isla…
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Ornos #61 most popular location
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Loutraki #62 most popular location
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Karterados #63 most popular location
Argassi #64 most popular location
Agia Galini #65 most popular location
Hydra #66 most popular location
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Ixia #67 most popular location
Thassos #68 most popular location
The northest island in Greece. Only half an hour from the mainland getting a ferry boat from Keramoti to Thassos Town. Has a vast amount of little beach paradises. Thassos boasts a broad va…
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Tinos #69 most popular location
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Archangelos #70 most popular location
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Aegina #71 most popular location
Aegina is a verdant island known for its great production of colourful pistachios. The Greek Island has a lovely capital full of fine neoclassical buildings and narrow alleys where one can en…
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Mylopotas #72 most popular location
Kalavryta #73 most popular location
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Petra #74 most popular location
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Psalidi #75 most popular location
Tingaki #76 most popular location
Arachova #77 most popular location
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Marmari #78 most popular location
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Vasilikos #79 most popular location
Vasilikos (Greek: Βασιλικός) is a village located in the south-eastern part of the island of Zakynthos, about 16km south east of the airport. There are many good beaches and resta…
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Patmos #80 most popular location
Patmos is not a big island, but it is one of the best known. It was here St. John had his vision and wrote the apocalypse, and this is why Patmos is sometimes called "The Jerusalem of the Aeg…
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Volos #81 most popular location
Volos is a beautiful town of Greece . Have one from the biggest ports of Greece available for ships and boats . Is the port for the Skiathos and Skopelos islands. Also you have a great view…
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Kamares #82 most popular location
Glyfada #83 most popular location
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Chaniotis #84 most popular location
spetses #85 most popular location
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Alykes #86 most popular location
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Plaka #87 most popular location
Kalamata #88 most popular location
Kalamata is the main city in the south Peloponnese in Greece is famous for its black olives and Greek dance. Many people visiting this area tend to stay just outside Kalamata in local village…
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Kavala #89 most popular location
Kavala is a small town to the north Greece , A town built at hill with an Aegean sea panoramic view ! Two town parts , the new one and the old one from the Ottoman dynasty period . An old …
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Meteora #90 most popular location
Meteora is a picturesque rock formation located in central Greece, famous for its monasteries. Historians and geologists started to be interested in the creation of these rocks about 1000 …
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Litochoro #91 most popular location
Litochoro is a mountain village located at the foot of Mount Olympus. A trip of more than one hour from Thessaloniki. The place itself is very popular, especially for Greek tourists The co…
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Paros #92 most popular location
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Corinth #93 most popular location
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Serifos #94 most popular location
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Petaloudes #95 most popular location
Astypalea #96 most popular location
Komotini #97 most popular location
Komotini or Komotene (Greek: Κομοτηνή; Turkish: Gümülcine), is a city in north-eastern Greece. It is the capital of the periphery of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the Rhodope Pre…
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Vasiliki #98 most popular location
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Kifissia #99 most popular location
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Kyparissia #100 most popular location
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