Great Wall at Mu Tian Yu

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Beijing, China
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Great Wall at Mu Tian Yu Beijing Reviews

pammy_robertson pammy_ro…
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Exceeded my expectations May 07, 2015
I must admit my whole trip to Beijing was purely to visit the Great Wall, I mean I live in china, almost so I had to tick the Great Wall off my list. My hostel the dragon king suggested a trip when I made my reservation. They claimed that mutianyu was a better section of the wall as it's less touristy and the promised 'no shopping' so I signed up. The trip cost 280rmb included breakfast at the hostel and a lunch at the wall.

We were picked up around 7.45am and taken to the wall via air con coach. Our group was big at around 50 people but it was a holiday weekend in china so I expected it to be busy. We arrived at the wall around 10.30 and just like the guide promised we were not chauffeured around factories and gem shops.

I took the cable car up from the car park, it was 100rmb return trip. I decided to conserve my energy for the wall itself rather than climbing up to it. The cable car brings you out at the middle of the segment. Around point 14, I think. To the right the wall veers downhill but the guide suggested we go left, uphill as the views would be more dramatic and also less crowded.

My friends have just returned from a trip to china and were disappointed with the wall, so my expectations were low. I on the other hand found it spectacular. Perhaps they visited badaling. This area was more mountainous and scenic. The weather was also perfect with blue skies and even some clouds, so visibility was reasonably good. We had around 3hrs in total to trek along the wall, taking in the views. Parts were incredibly steep and it was quite strenuous, I'm pretty unfit! You can also take a toboggan ride down.

Our guide didn't tell us too much about how it was constructed, just some overall facts, like the length why it was built and that areas were destroyed as people pilfered the stone to build themselves. I was just in amazement by the 'how did they build it?' I work in construction and in this day in age with technology we can't build even the simplest of structures without problems. So i need to do some research as to how the got the stone up there through the mountainous terrain. Its mind boggling! But it's incredible!

Well worth the journey. I would like to go back and see it in winter, which I think would be beautiful.

Highly recommend this area of the wall.
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Feidao Feidao
2 reviews
Great Wall isn't always great! May 25, 2011
When I told some friends that I will be going to Beijing I was quite surprised that a few people gave me the "hint" not to go to the Great Wall. Too crowded, dirty, stressful and just not ejoyable at all. Actually I wasn't surprised about this fact becouse since a famous Chinese proverb says that you can only become a great man as long as you have climbed the Great Wall. And as there are nearly 1,4 billion chinese there will always be tons of people trying to become great men.

But I knew I just can't visit Beijing without going to the Great Wall so I did some research and found out that there are some places which aren't crowded and still beautiful. So I decided to go to Mutianyu. Luckily a local accompanied me and after a 2 hour busride and a 20 min taxi ride we arrived. It's still quite some people there but not that you would feel uncomfortable at all. We took the cable car up to the wall (which probably doesn't make me a real great man as I didn't climb the wall on my own :P ) and up there we explored and enjoyed the wonderful view. To get down again there is the possibility to some kind of ludge so the ride down can be quite funny! Then there are several little shops to buy souvenirs but we rather decided to drive to small village to eat at a local farm which was very interesting. All in all I had a great day and I'm happy that I don't have a bad impression of the great wall like some of my friends have.
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maddy500 says:
Thanks for posting!
Posted on: May 25, 2011
Enigmaa Enigmaa
63 reviews
Best part of the wall! May 18, 2011
This is an absolute must for people visiting Beijing/Tianjin area! Mutianyu offers the best mix of restored wall sections, old original wall sections, and just breathtaking scenery!

To add to to fun here, there is a "toboggan" (a roller coaster like thing), that you can take down for 50 CNY! Its loads of fun, and much more fun than walking down again after walking the 8 km's along the wall.

Do what most dont: go to the far west side of the wall, and climb the unrestored part that takes you to the highest peak of the wall. Cant remember if there's a sign saying "Dont go pass this sign" (plenty of those out on the wall), so its obviously on own risk, but its really pretty up there.

Really recommend this part of the wall!
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mikethepizzadude mikethep…
15 reviews
Love This Wall Jan 11, 2011
A must-see for tourists. The Great Wall is half the reason why people visit China, right? The Mutianyu section of the wall is beautiful. It has been restored a little, to make it safe, but it still looks very ancient.

I went in Winter, so it was a little chilly, but it was a clear day with no pollution or fog. It's very cheap to get the cable car up there, and you're free to wander around for as long as you like.

Some parts of the wall can be steep, but it's all part of the adventure :) Definitely worth seeing!
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sunnynyc sunnynyc
3 reviews
Worth to See Jun 20, 2011
We chose this because it was less crowded but worth every step of the way. If you're physically fit and want to take on the challenge, go ahead and climb up. It's not hard at all considering that you rest occasionally while taking pictures and savor the view while taking in all the fresh air. It was really worth it! The steps, although steep, were well maintained and you can hardly see any trash at all. Upon reaching the first part of the "'wall" after the long "introductory" climb there is a vendor selling soda and water for those who forgot to bring their own drink. We were struck by the awesomeness of the structure; makes you really proud of having accomplished such a feat. For those who opt to take the cable car, try to explore the left side of the wall. It is even less crowded but steeper but the view is even more spectacular with the added degree of difficulty. Near the Unesco marker there's still a couple of vendors selling ice cream plus more soda and water.

On the way down, we took the cable car. We bought some souveniers from the numerous shops that have sales ladies saying "Ï remember you!" Initially, you will feel special that of the many tourists there she remembers you but it's really just a sales pitch to try to sell you stuff. Again, the fun is in the haggling! Tshirts are priced at 120yuan up but they will give it to you for 40-45yuan! There are a lot of nice souveniers along the way like masks, chinese dolls, chopsticks, pajamas and table runners so have fun and buy wisely.

If you get hungry from all the climbing and haggling, near the parking areas are Subway, an "Italian cafe" and a local restaurant.

The clean restrooms (you can choose between eastern and western style) are located near the ticket sales counter.
Maartje_Verdiesen Maartje_…
3 reviews
Avoid the crowds Apr 19, 2011
Visiting the Great Wall of China is one of the highlights of a trip to China so of course all tourists (including the Chinese!) do.

If you don't want to walk shoulder by shoulder with thousands of other people when visiting the Great Wall, don't go during the weekend and also avoid Badaling.

Go to Mutianyu instead. It's maybe a bit further that Badaling, but it is really worth trip extra kilometers. No large tourists-groups there, only a few people.

At Mutianyu you'll manage to take pictures of the Great Wall with no one else in it than yourself. Try to do that in Badaling!!!
seetheglobe seethegl…
1 reviews
Great Wall Jul 15, 2011
Of course - everyone who visits gotta go. Have a great time. You can go via a tour group, on your own or with your friends. Summers are hot so be prepared to sweat. take water and other drinks. You can go via a tour group, on your own or with your friends. Summers are hot so be prepared to sweat. take water and other drinks.
waisau waisau
3 reviews
great wall of china Mar 31, 2011
It was many years ago that I went, but it really gives amazing views. I would recommend going up as far as you possibly can... and not doing it in the freezing cold or high heat unless properly prepared. It's easy, but takes time.

The history behind it is interesting, so read up on it a bit before visiting. It'll give a better appreciation for what it stood/ stands for.

vivien_huang vivien_h…
60 reviews
Unforgettable Greatwall Experience Jul 09, 2010
It is one of the unforgettable experience when I was in mutianyu Greatwall, Beijing in July 2008.

At that time I was there with three of my friends, we're leaving in the morning and arrived there at about 11noon. It was really exciting, challenging and addictive trip.

We climbed up the ladder which is not always the same height, so high that sometimes hard to climb. We had time to take a break to enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe in the fresh air there.

Not to be missed, we also took some pictures together there.
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tekk2k tekk2k
27 reviews
Hidden Gem at the Great Wall Mutianyu Jun 28, 2008
I spent a few months working in Beijing this summer. Although I was busy, I got a chance to visit the Great Wall. We went to the Mutianyu section because there are very little tourists and it scales a mountain. You have to take two long cable car rides up to the top. Well we didn't know that there was second cable ride for other half of the mountain. So we ended up walking the rest of the way to the top. Which is not a good idea if you are not in really good shape(as you can see from the pictures). It actually felt more like climbing the great wall. We were covered in sweat by time we reached the top. The Wall lived up to its name. Plus the awesome payoff once we got to the top. Instead of taking the cable cars back down, We took the Toboggan Slide all the way down the mountain. Those things are so fast and cool, we had to climb back up just to ride the toboggan back down again.If you are ever in Beijing, I definitely recommend touring the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. It's only 50 minutes outside the city, there are very little tourists, and You get to ride the Toboggan slide down the mountain.
Side of the wall
It was a very foggy day
As you can see, There are not that…
Me at the beginning of the climb.
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Ann_Hells Ann_Hells
33 reviews
Great Wall Jun 28, 2008
Although this section is a bit further away from the city, it has less crowds. it is still overwhelmed by vendors selling food, water, and souvenirs at the beginning of the climb.

If you are not in the mood to walk up the steep path to the wall there is a ski lift device that will bring you up. But the walk is very short and perfectly manageable with well kept stairs.

The wall is breathtaking. It was restored in the 1950's but retains the old charm. This section of the wall does not let you go on to the unrestored sections but you can see how it is, with overgrowth making it impossible to get any further.

Don't buy any souvenirs from the people at the entrance. The price will be 10 x more than anything in Beijing even if you bargain it down. I recommend that you bring a bottle of water for each person, to buy any kind of drink once you are on the wall will cost 20 yuan rather than four.

Also, in summer the weather near Beijing tends to get cloudy. So if you can get up early and reach the wall before the clouds set in you will get a much clearer view.

To get there you can take a taxi and ask for all day rate. Our driver agreed to 600 yuan for all day and also took us to some temples and small villages around the area.
Interesting... bricks were not lai…

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