Great Wall at Badaling

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Great Wall at Badaling Beijing Reviews

FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
Walk the great walk at the Great Wall May 15, 2015
A must do when in Beijing, deemed one of the wonders of the World. We went to the Badaling section of the Great Wall, which is one of the most touristic part (and more restoration works done) of the amazingly long wall. According to the promised travel itinerary, the tour was supposed to bring us to the Mutianyu section of the Wall which was said to be “more authentic”. Some people have argued a great deal between these 2 Walls. Well to me, just because a lot of sections were re-built on this Wall doesn’t make it less authentic, sure the steps looks new but hey, its for the convenience of us visitors so I do not mind. Well with this tour group, like most tour groups, they always choose the closest option so that they can squeeze us into spending time in typical tourist trap places such as a Chinese medicine factory where they try to sell us medicated ointment etc and a Silk factory. We had actually paid them extra to NOT include these traps but in the end, they still brought us to these places (but they pocket the extra money!)

So there are 2 sides where you can start your great walk up the Great Wall. The right is the easier option so most of us started with the right. This place was so crowded! And we were wearing thick jackets as it was so cold in the morning but now it started to get really warm with the sun and all the walking. So I think best to come in the summer time as walking with so much extra clothes only makes it harder. At every section there is a sort of tower where there will be touts selling you stuff like an Achievement Badge for making it to the 1st watch Tower/ Tier. You can even get your name engraved in it. I only managed to walk up to the 5th watch Tower/Tier and I gave up. The steps get a little bit trickier the higher you go. There are just so many people and they keep pushing their way and so rowdy (if not just smelly) that I get so annoyed.

So we walk down to the middle and try to walk up a bit the Wall on the left side which was definitely less crowded (but harder to walk). After some photos, we head back down to meet at the agreed spot with our guide and ate ice-cream at a shop.

So this is a must! Even if you are too lazy or unfit to walk up, you cant help but be amazed at how long this wall is, how difficult it must be to build it during those times.
Foxyfauz @ the Great Wall
Foxyfauz @ The Great Wall of China
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montecarlostar montecar…
326 reviews
Beware of souvenir vendors! Jan 27, 2013
It was my last day in China and of course I had to see the Great Wall. My hosts did me the great favor of booking a tour for me. When I arrived in Beijing I did notice the terrible pollution, it was like a heavy fog day, but just made of smog!

But anyway, the tour guide was supposed to pick me up at 8 AM for my tour but they arrived until like 9:30. In a way it didn't change anything, since we ended up going to the same places. During the trip I met a nice group of international people from France, Germany, Iran, Czech Republic and other places.

I didn't like the tour that much because it was combined with stops to "factories" (pottery, silk, tea) which in fact were businesses trying to sell their products at tourist prices.

But of course the main stop was the Great Wall and that was worth everything else. I will suggest you go by yourself and not on one of these tours.

The Great Wall of course is impressive! And its historical significance is worth the visit. The views are absolutely amazing even on a foggy day. You can take a cable car one way, two ways or even walk your way up. I would recommend you take a cable car and save your energy to walk the actual wall. You can also come down the walk using a small sliding car, which may be of course the most fun way to do it. Be ready to pay for entrance, cable cars and of course any souvenir you wanna buy.

Now, souvenir vendors are particularly aggressive in this place. Actually I got a funny story about that communist hat I'm wearing in the pics... the lady vendor wanted to sell it to me for about 185 Yuens (about 25 dollars) and I started to bargain and I got it for 100 yuens... haha but then I found that a guy from the Czech Republic got it for just 20 Yuens!! So my feeling of victory changed quickly into feeling cheated :( I think my mistake was expressing too much interest in the hat from the beginning, and to be honest I hate bargaining, but at least the hat was worth the pictures ;) and also at one of the souvenir shops a woman vendor almost kidnapped me... she got me inside the store and she stood at the entrance and didn't let me out! I almost had to push her to escape! Oh and I went running to the tour bus and believe it or not she followed me all the way there to try and sell me a T-shirt! This is by far the scariest souvenir shopping experience for me!

So if you go there don't even look at the souvenirs, buy them somewhere else! But yes if you are in Beijing you must see the Great Wall!
Me at the Great Wall
The Great Wall of China
Me on top of the Wall
Souvenir shops
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montecarlostar says:
Thanks so much Sylvia and David! I appreciate it, and yes it was so cool to be at the Wall ;)
Posted on: Feb 28, 2013
sylviandavid says:
Congratulations on being featured! so happy to see it.... we loved the wall too......
Posted on: Feb 28, 2013
montecarlostar says:
Thanks so much Jeremy and May!! :D
Posted on: Feb 28, 2013
spicyricecake spicyric…
30 reviews
A must see part of Chinese history Apr 27, 2012
This is one of the most popular places to climb the Great Wall. In peak season, from May until September, Badaling is very crowded with tourists. The climb takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on how often you stop in between. Keep in mind, although this is one of the easiest routes to climb the Great Wall, you have to be in shape. This is not simply an uphills hike; the steps are very steep. It would be best to bring lots of water, especially on humid days. Of course, like most tourist areas, there are many stops along the way where you can get refreshing snacks like cool cucumber or corn, or cold beverages. However, they are way overpriced, about 3 or 4 times supermarket prices. There are also stops with information that has historical significance. Lastly, stop and pose for a picture on a camel, or wearing traditional Chinese costumes.
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mosted says:
Thank you ;) will take a lot of watterbottles with me ;)
Posted on: Jul 03, 2011
ladypershing ladypers…
1 reviews
CHINA ...ADVENTURE Nov 29, 2012
Had a great trip to china..... I join a tour group..much better to travel with...( smart tours.}.package deals. Hotel and air. Went for ca to beijing..hotel. Penta hotel..great location....walk to shopping area..high store resturants by hotel...had a great breafast...400 dishes..we ventured outside the city to the ming dynasty / bural sight..this is hard to find on your own..wnen to the summer palce..must see...then to suzhou..pardise on earth...there is a famous garden there..the area has not change..1920.great market ther like out of the past..heap..must go there...went to xian..".paris of the east."..21 century arcitecture..go to the old part of the train..faster..

the great wall...must do..but you have to be in shape...

it take you 1 houre to walk is a hard walk.if you are not in shape do not try it....the drive to get there is over one hour...better to have a package to do this..

shanxi museum / view stone carvings art treasures...han and tang dynasties...,muse see.

paid $200.00 to fly to see the terra cotta army...this takes all day. You have to have a one hour ride to get there also.

must do this..i would not try this on my place to est is ther...

thing are not easy to get to...many people. You can not drive at not try in the cities..water cost $$..drink is cheap $..
joeq65 joeq65
17 reviews
Not to be missed but not a full day trip either. Nov 22, 2011
Most of the issue of Badaling great wall is how to get there. Yes, a public bus and a public train both go there. Both seem reasonable alternatives given the proximity to the wall of the terminus. I have heard horror stories about the private tours though and would go to great lengths to avoid them. The day I went was not crowed at all. I chose to take the gondola up the wall and hike back down. I took one of the last gondola's up and the hike down was very reasonable and would take between 10 and 30 minutes. I took a private car from the hotel who waited for me but this was very expensive and I wouldn't do it that way again.
kinglouie321 kingloui…
1 reviews
It is as epic as the pictures make it out to be Jul 05, 2011
We hired a driver while we were in Beijing, and it really was not terribly expensive. Our driver drove the 45 minutes or so to the nearest point to Beijing; Badaling. Parking was copious, and after a slight uphill walk, we were greeted by numerous shops, bathrooms, and the entrance gate. Although extremely crowded, if you walked about 300 or so yards down the wall, most of the tourists were finished. That is, you could walk along it with no one in sight. Amazing.
greenberry greenber…
1 reviews
Tickets to Badaling Jul 02, 2011
I came to Beijing for a few days and heard that I can get to the Great Wall by bus. However, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to find a ticket office. I was walking from one hostel to another, trying to find the information how to get there, but all they could offer was a tour including visiting some other places. I also met a few locals offering me a trip there for around CNY 100, which I knew was too expensive. Finally after two hours I found a ticket office. It's a bus no 919 at Deshengmen Gate, and the fare is CNY 12.
koosje12 says:
Make sure to catch the correct bus no 919 at Dengengmen Gate, there are several and only 1 is going to the wall.
Posted on: Jun 07, 2012
Lilmissriot Lilmissr…
3 reviews
Worth being hyped over. May 17, 2011
My friend who was visiting dragged me here and wow. Its breath taking, you look down from this huge wall you're stepping on and you can see all around and you have to pause to take a moment to realize that this was built hundreds of years ago. What an amazing piece of architecture. If you only have time to see one thing in Beijing, forget the forbidden city, the Great Wall is the one to spend your day at.
aver196 aver196
1 reviews
World Wonder May 16, 2011
The great wall in China is one of the things you must have seen. When you walk around on this masterpiece you wonder how the ever have made this piece of engineering possible.

When you come to the wall, people will try to sell you souvenirs. I made the mistake by saying to the girl who asked me to buy something, I would come back later. She followed me for an hour. After I bought a nice picturebook, she left. So buy al little souvenir and they will leave you at peace.
josephinet josephin…
3 reviews
I am now a "Good man"! Apr 23, 2011
There's a saying, "if you've never been to the Great Wall, you're not a 'good man'"! And that is why, the Great Wall is where every Chinese must visit if they're in Beijing.

The steps are unbelievably high! I cannot believe that soldiers hundreds of years ago would be running on those steps to protect the country. All of them must have been as tall as Yao Ming!

Fortunately, I went there in winter. So it wasn't hot even in a sunny day.

I tried to walk a few steps to feel what it was like to be an ancient soldier... IT WAS TOO TOUGH!! haha... it was a great experience and definitely something you should see before you die!
whitlock1983 whitlock…
3 reviews
Great For A Day Jul 08, 2011
Visiting the Great Wall Of China is always an essential part of any trip to China, and it is certainly worth doing. Its a good little hike, and a great day out from the city of Beijing. However, after a few hours of walking along the wall, it all looks very samey, and trying to stop the sellers from following you is annoying
vivien_huang vivien_h…
60 reviews
The Greatwall experience Jul 12, 2010
The first time I visited the Greatwall is through Badaling gate. The difference is that many commercial shops ranging from restaurants, cafes, to the places selling souvenirs.

At that time, I traveled with 10 friends from my school (Capital Normal University at Xisanhuan Beilu). We went to Greatwall at the time of Chinese holidays, so the atmosphere is very noisy and crowded with visitors. But after all is an experience that can not be forgotten even by the scenery was so beautiful up there. Once we are satisfied climbing Greatwall, we bought some souvenirs that can be inscribed with our name on it.

From here, we continued on to Long Qing Xia, other interesting places not far from Greatwall. Can be reached by public buses. For more details, can ask the local people, because, even then I was guided by one of my friends who've been living in beijing.
Crowded visitors @ Badaling Greatw…
mazenjawad mazenjaw…
13 reviews
historic experience Nov 16, 2010
amazing experience through badaling entrance, though lots of crowds here. Try this site, anda sk to visit another older part of the wall... nice to see & feel the contrast.

If touring, avoid the shops they stop by traveling on the highway from Beijing.

Work out before you go... lots of steps to climb
SIM-only SIM-only
2 reviews
Don't start running Feb 20, 2010
The Great Wall is something you'd have to see when you visit China. It's unbelievable, this endless(hand)made structure.

The wall naturally follows the landscape curves. Consequense; the wall van be very steap! There was this kid who started running for fun, but couldn't stop.

You'll find all sorts of tourists, including chinese...
filthyjabba filthyja…
8 reviews
It sure is a great wall Nov 29, 2008
Go to the Badaling part of the wall this is very accessible from the CBD in Beijing. views are breathtaking but try to get there as early as possible as te crowds can be annoying.
waterzy waterzy
1 reviews
very good..beautiful~~~ Nov 20, 2008
Very good place~~~i like.....introduce everyoone~~~welecome to there~~~~
worldup worldup
30 reviews
Sep 27, 2005
I have been waiting a long time for this because 1) It is on my list of sights to see in my life and 2) I have been hiding an engagement ring for Stacey since we left Ft. Lauderdale a week ago.

We woke up early and got breakfast in the hotel. I changed the hiding place from the video camera case to my pants pocket. It seemed like every five minutes I was checking my pocket to make sure I didn’t loose the ring. This is nerve racking. Got on the bus for the hour drive to the Badaling part of the Great Wall.

Along the way you begin to see parts of the wall going atop and across mountain peaks. Once you get to the Badaling entrance you walk past many stalls of people selling tourist garbage. Then you arrive at the wall gate and walk up narrow but steep stairs to get to the top of the wall. Once at the top, the wall itself is probably 20 feet wide. I wanted to get to a more secluded area to ask Stacey to marry me. I didn’t want to do it in front of a thousand people, so I asked her if she wanted to climb to the top of the hill. It was a hell of a hill with the wall going up 70 degrees at some points. When we got to the tower at the top of the hill there was still too many people around so I started to walk down the other side. There were not too many people down there. About 100 yards down the hill from the tower I stopped and waited for Stacey to catch up. Once she caught up, I took her and told her I loved her. I gave her a kiss and then got down on my knee and asked her to marry me. I can’t remember exactly what I said as I was nervous. It must have been pretty good because she said “yes”. We kissed some more and walked back to the gate to get off the wall.

We took some great pictures, but they were not with a digital camera. After getting off the wall we looked at the tourist garbage for sale for a few minutes and then got back on the bus.

Ming Tombs.

The day tour took us to the Ming Tombs. There are 13 Ming emperors entombed here. The tombs themselves are not much to look at. After all, they are tombs. The background history the guide gives is semi-interesting. However the road leading into the tomb area is quite nice. It is lined with willow trees and stone statues of animals and people. Do not cut your Great Wall time to see the Tombs.
sylviandavid says:
Love your engagement story.....
Posted on: Feb 28, 2013
WaltJake says:
What a great place to propose! well done
Posted on: Apr 02, 2007

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