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The largest of the three islands that make up the Caymans, to many travelers Grand Cayman is the eponymous island which holds the greatest wonders. And while it's true that the capital of George Town holds its own unique set of wonders, the entire island is part of an entire network of amazing sights and sounds that make up the Cayman experience. Shaped like a giant claw clutching northward, Grand Cayman is a UK territory, and one of the richest in the Caribbean. A shopping and beach paradise for travelers from all over the world, this is the glitz and glamour of the Caribbean at its finest moment.

Make no mistake, Grand Cayman is without a doubt the epitome of the Cayman Islands, and as such is extremely crowded almost all year long. Whether it's taking an excursion out to Stingray City or hanging out on Seven Mile Beach, or brushing elbows with some of the richest people in the world in George Town, Grand Cayman is the ultimate Caribbean experience. Almost everyone is familiar with the Cayman Island banks from films and movies, and this is where they are all located.

Although things were somewhat slowed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, with over 80% of the buildings on the island either damaged or completely destroyed, everything was rebuilt within a couple of years, and today Grand Cayman is scorching along as if nothing ever happened. Tourism makes up about half of the island’s income, with banking making up the other half, and the most popular spot is the area along Seven Mile Beach with scuba diving, snorkeling, and plenty of sand. Keep in mind that prices on Grand Cayman are definitely not budget-oriented, and dealing with crowds is a necessary evil, but the beauty of the island and the luxurious setting of George Town itself are definitely worth the trip if you have a little money to burn. Plus, it’s a notch on the traveling belt that won’t soon lose its place.

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