Gouffre de Proumeyssac

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Proumeyssac, Audrix, France
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Overpriced and Overhyped Aug 14, 2012
Having visited some wonderful caves on our previous visit we were well up for discovering some more hidden treasures underground. Having visited the local tourist information centre in the village we came across a wonderful illustrated leaflet for Gouffre de Proumeyssac - also known as Cathedrale de Cristal. If the leaflet was anything to go by we would not be disappointed.

We arrived at the site of the caves after a long drive of approximately two hours and made our way to the ticket office. According to the leaflet the star attraction (new for 2012) was the fact that you could enter the cave through its roof by a suspended gondola/basket rather than take the walkway through the woods. We had all psyched ourselves up for entering the cave by this method, even though it more or less doubled the admission price (18 euros) However, once purchasing out tickets we were informed that this route into the cave was booked up solid until 5pm. Alternatively, we could advance book for another day. Given that we had no intention of lingering around for five hours we opted for the walking route for the cheaper price of 9.10 euros. We were each given a ticket with a visit number printed onto it. Given that we were visit number thirteen, we had about 45 minutes to kill before our trip around the caves.

The cafe area was close by, so we chose to have a bite to eat there. The cafe was small, the service poor and the baguettes overpriced with meagre fillings.

Kath collected our audio vouchers together and went to obtain our audio headphones for the guided tour, she had to come back for her driving licence as they wanted some form of identification leaving behind the desk so that we did not 'do one' with the earphones.

After queuing for about ten minutes after once our tour had been called we were guided through some trees down to the entrance of the caves. Halfway down the cold, damp walkway we were instructed to halt, whilst the previous tour exited out of the entrance. Alarm bells should really have gone off amongst us at this point I suppose.

We wandered down the damp tunnel into the underground vault and were intructed to gather around some railings in the complete darkness to await (in the guide's own words 'a spectacular light show') what we got was a bit of dreary music and a few lights, with the added effect of the gondola dangling down from the roof. (so glad we did not pay to enter this way for an extra 9 euros - you would be so disappointed.)

I have to admit that the four seperate formations in the roof of the cave were fascinating (they're known as 'the brain', 'the mermaid', 'the jellyfish' can't remember the fourth!!!)but that's it, we spent the next 45 minutes in the same undergound vault, watching the gondola disappear and re-appear (god knows how many times) with more visitors. The audio commentary did not work in English, so we have absolutely no idea what the guide was saying as we ventured down several wrought iron staircases before landing on the floor of the cave. I dare say at some point he was trying the hard sale, as there were numerous tables of ornaments adorning the floor of the cave which were being crystalised with the rainwater droplets from the roof of the cave. We were then led out through a small chamber of stalagmites/stalagtites and into the oringal tunnel we entered the cave through.

Kath took our earphones back to the desk to retrieve her driving licence and when she explained that we had not had any audio commentary throughout the whole tour, they said that is was probably the guide not clicking his button in the correct place - no apology, nothing.

All in all, an overpriced tour, with a mediocre light show and non existent audio commentary. Do yourself a favour and avoid this overhyped attraction. By looking at the pictures in the leaflet you get the general idea without the expense!!!

(You can't take any photos underground either)
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