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North past the Kotayak region, is the Switzerland of Armenia. Roads wound us up and down the lush green mountains to Dilijan. During the Soviet era this was a resort town for artist and engineers. The only thing there is a forest.

Continue up more rural roads to the Goshavank It is located on a hill with dramatic views of the surrounding area.

Roof planter at Goshavank? Shoud that be there? Armenian churches are fairly plain, any details are carved into the stones. Because paper was too easy to loose or destroy they carved the really important things into the walls of the church. They also carved many crosses. I have never seen so many different crosses in one place……quite unique. They could represent money collected for a cause, the size of the congregation, and as a protection for the church. This particular church was had an outer room for people who are not baptized while the main room with the alter is for the baptized people.

Armenian churches are built in the shape of a cross with a central spire. One of the ruined buildings that had been used as a classroom was build of stones from a midieval fortress. The library which was said to have had 15,000 items was still black from where they were burned centuries ago. Wander around and enjoy the beauty of the area and the monastery.

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Dilijan has great importance as it is the site of Haghartsin Monastery. You will be snaking through the forest. Arriving at the monastery it is covered in scaffolding (as of May 2009) as it i…
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