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Venice, Italy

Gondola Ride Venice Reviews

Maurizioago Maurizio…
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Gondola. Jan 31, 2018
A gondola is a long narrow black boat you see in some canals in this city. Today it is used for weddings and for pleasure trips.

This kind of boat requires a lot of time to be built. It is 10.85 long and its medium length is around 1.40 meters. It is built with nine kinds of wood.

The average gondola ride lasts forty minutes for a settled price. I think it should be around 80 euros (not per person; per ride). I' ve read you can bargain to get a lower price. After 7 or 8 p. m. it costs more to do a gondola trip.

I have never been on a gondola, so I can't give any opinion about this attraction. I can only say they are nicely fitted. It is like to travel in a small living room.
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wongjst wongjst
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Jul 08, 2007
A traditional Venetian rowing boat called "Gondola" which serves a major role of transport in most of the canals within the city. To ride a Gondola is not cheap at all.
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yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
A MUST in Venice - Gondola Ride Jun 17, 2006
Who doesn't know about the Gondolas and Venice? I have always seen it and wanted to do it. I was aware this would be an expensive experience, but wanted to try.

There are different gondola's stop and gondolas in the island, so you can pick up which one you want to ride.

Also the rides are different, talk to the gondolier and tell him what you are interested to see.

The ride can be expensive, but if you are in a group you will split the costs. I was by my own and almost didn't do it. I was lucky I got a free ride, but I have already made up my mind I wouldn't leave Venice without the Gondola Ride.

You can negotiate with the gondolier for a better price. Also make him clear what are the main attractions you want to see.

When you are riding, ask him about the buildings. So, he can give you better information.

Yes, it's touristy - but what a great experience
nice gondolas
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Sep 19, 2004
When the group I was with wanted to go on a gondola ride the first thing that went through my head was "the last thing I want to do is spend a fortune to get rowed around in a little boat through the smelly canals of Venice." I guess I'm not a romantic. But eventually they persuaded me to go, and it ended up being one of my most memorable experiences in 4 months of living in Italy. The first step was to find a gondola. We had heard it was a good idea to bargain with the different gondoliers and try to play them against each other so as to get the lowest rate. The first guy we asked charged 80€ for four people, which we thought was a rip off. We blew him off and proceeded confidently to the second guy who charged 100€. Feeling that perhaps we had been too hasty, we went back to the first guy to find out that his price had mysteriously raised to 110€. We went back and forth like this for awhile until we came to the realization that all the gondoliers were probably communicating with each other via cell phone and that we were the only ones getting played. We ended up having to pay an exorbitant amount of money and the mood was dismal, to say the least. Fortunately, the gondola ride itself was amazing! Our gondola was suped-up with a stereo system and the gondolier started playing some cheesy Italian songs that they probably play for all the tourists. Fortunately, we had been forced to learn most of these cheesy Italian songs in our Italian Language classes and we were able to sing along. Once the gondolier noticed that we had some appreciation and understanding of his culture and that we could speak a bit of Italian, his gruff mood instantly became warm and friendly. He sung along with us and we learned that his father had been a gondolier and he himself had been rowing gondolas since he was 13 years old. He even let some of the girls row the gondola once we had gotten out of the main canal. About halfway through the ride he asked us if we liked "Queen." At first we didn't know what he was talking about, but eventually we figured out he was talking about the British rock band! He said that he had some Queen CD's and that if we'd like he could put some in. We ended up rowing through the darkened, otherwise quiet canals of Venice singing "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" with our new Italian friend at the top of our lungs. We must have woken up half the city, but man was it fun.
Venice at night.
Boarding the gondola.
The front of the gondola, where th…
derekbilldaly says:
Im going there tomorrow, I am really hoping to find one cheaper than that, its the main reason my girlfriend wants to go....fingers crossed!!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2011
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Riding the Gondola at Sunset Aug 24, 1998
One of my most memorable time in Venice was riding on the gondola at sunset. It is quite simply beautiful and a great experience. Riding on this traditional Venetian water boat is like going back in history. it is a major part of the transportation system of Venice. As a visitor, your visit to Venice is incomplete if you do not go on the gondola.

Now the canal runs the length of Venice, so it is important to know where you want to go and which attractions you want to see as just riding aimlessly could be costly. The gondola guide will suggest a route, but that does not mean its the best ride, but if you just want to ride and see what comes, it is great too. They will normally negotiate if you do, if you do not, they will charge what fare they will for the suggested route.

With the Euro as currency now, it will cost a little more for an hour ride, when I was there, the euro was not yet in use and we paid a minimal amount. for two rides, one at sunrise and the other at sunset.

PS: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today!
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