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Goldfield Overview

Goldfield got its start shortly after gold was discovered in the area in 1893 and was named for all the gold mines in the area. Miners, and those hoping to make money off the miners, flocked to the new town and Goldfield appeared destined to outgrow nearby Mesa. However, the mines were mostly played out by 1897 and the ore found in the mines was of a lower grade. The town of Goldfield started a slow, painful decline. It enjoyed a brief revival in 1910 as a town called “Youngsberg” that was occupied off and on until 1926. After “Youngsberg” died out the town went back to the name Goldfield and became a ghost town. Today this is a popular tourist destination with a number of attractions

Sitting at the foot of the Superstition Mountains 45 minutes east of Phoenix, Goldfield claims to the only "authentic" ghost town in the Valley. The liveliest building in town used to be a bordello. Across from the bordello is a one-room jailhouse, complete with a hanging stand.

Several of the buildings continue to house merchants selling touristy stuff like cowboy boots, Apache artifacts, hoochie mama clothing, alcohol, and ice cream. The visitor center offers a short train ride that encircles the town.

Although the town's most prosperous years were from 1893 to 1898, people continue to mine Goldfield. Even Queen Elizabeth II has stock in one of the gold mines.

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