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Golden Triangle Overview

The golden triangle is located at the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar where the Mekong river flows. This place used to be the centre of opium trade. With the help of richer neighbouring countries, the locals are slowly moving out of opium business. Drug selling is the past. Nowadays, it's safe to visit the Golden Triangle. This place has became a popular tourist destination.

It's hassle-free to buy a day tour to Chiang Rai and Golden triangle from any traveling agency. Once you reach the Golden Triangle, you can enjoy the superb view of the river and surrounding three countries. There are many souvenir shops near the jetty. By the riverside, there is a temple with a large golden Buddha sitting on a boat. Don't forget to take a boat ride in the Mekong river and have a look at Myanmar and Laos side of the river. The boat ride will include a stopover at Laos jetty where you can do some shopping at the market. No passport is required.

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