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Geysir, Iceland

Golden Circle Geysir Reviews

DanielUK94 DanielUK…
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Affordable day trip with multiple stops! Oct 27, 2015
Went on the golden circle tour 2 days ago, it takes you around a large part of the island and there's so much to see. The coach ride maybe a little long but the beautiful scenery throughout the whole island makes up the time whilst taking it in. The views from the first stop are incredible with the added bonus you can walk between two tectonic plates (The American and Eurasion). Tour guide with grayline tours was extremely knowledgable and seemed the have a story around every corner.
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wanderinwurzel wanderin…
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golden circle tour with Dec 18, 2010
if your visiting reykjavik the golden circle tour is a must! i booked to do the tour with a company called rather than 1 of the bigger tour companies. This paid off when we set off with our guide and another couple of passengers only in our minibus, which gave the tour a very personnal feel as the guide interacted with us a lot more than if there was a bus full of people, secondly it was also cheaper than through the main companies :). The attractions on the tour included a visit to a geothermal powerplant which is the main source of power for the island, a drive through the greenhouse village of Hervagerdi where most of the countries food is grown before you get to the world famous Geysir site, which is just phemonenal to watch the hot springs erupting every 4-5 minutes. The guide Ragnor was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of icelandic geography and history and politics, and had a great way of imparting this without sounding like a lecturer or taped recording. Next on the agenda after feeding some pure icelandic ponies is the frozen waterfull, gulfoss, which just has to be seen to be believed, how such a fast moving river can freeze solid. The last stop on the tour was thingvellir national park, which includes the rift valley between the continental plates of north america and europe, and also home to the site of the worlds 1st parliament and a unesco world heritage site. There was an extra sense of satisfaction from doing this tour in a smaller group as everytime we left an attraction the hordes arrived in hundreds and competed to get their pics taken without somebody else getting in the way. I would definately recommend this tour and the tour company if you are ever in reykjavik.
thingvellir national park
cynthiasmiller cynthias…
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Lots of things to see in a short period of time Dec 30, 2010
If for some reason you only have two days to spend in Iceland, devote one day to Reykjavik, and the second to the Golden Circle tour, and there are lots of organizations that offer this tour. Like everything else in Iceland, it's pricey, so consider yourself warned. On this tour, not only will you see the Gulfoss waterfall and a very active geysir, but plenty of volcanic countryside and the uninhabited wilds of Iceland. On the one I went on, we also got a tour of a geothermal power plant (which was more interesting than it sounds) and a short hike around Pingvellir, which is the site of Iceland's first parliament. The tour lasts about eight hours, and a lot of that time will be spent on a bus listening to a local bus driver talk about local customs. A nice way to spend a day.
Geysir again
Pingvellir (pronounced thingvellir)
sandraljoska sandralj…
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Feb 23, 2008
At first I want to say that I love horses... and I love working with them...

And I think there is no better way to visit the hot springs area of Geysir and the Golden Waterfall – Gullfoss – than by riding through the lovely countryside of South Iceland.

This summer I went as a guide in the Golden Circle... which is a 7 days riding tour, this popular tour is ideal for families and those who do not have the required riding experience for the highland tours. Still riding days can be long so you should be in good physical condition and have a basic knowledge of horsemanship.

first riding day the tourists got acquainted with the Icelandic horses and their special gaits on a relaxed ride through the countryside surrounding Fossnes Farm (the starting point)

We, the guides lead spare horses (but the tourists that wanted to try could)along as we ride towards the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall and the hot springs area of Geysir.

We ascend through lovely birch forests with wild mountain flowers to a highland plateau with great views of mountains and glaciers.

Riding over 3 rivers ( depends on the weather how deep they are)

The last two days of the ride are more challenging since you now herd your spare horses along. The last 2 days are the best... more speed and beutiful landscape.

You experience riding along the edge of civilisation when crossing the highland moor of Hrunaheiði. On our last riding day we enjoy the good riding tracks when we follow Laxárdalur Valley on our way back to Fossnes Farm.

I highly recommend exploring Iceland by riding :) you cant imagine how wonderful it is being on the highland, how quite it is, only birdsong, the rivers and the sound from your horses feet.

I guess I will go again this summer :) and the next.... and the one after that haha
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