Going Alone

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AquarianDragon Aquarian…
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Aug 18, 2007
I went to Istanbul with the idea of not going alone. In the end, I was alone. The first day I went out I couldn't take two steps without havin' another man approach me (no joke). It was the white skin, blonde hair that screamed to them to approach me. It was overwhelming. The other nine days I went out covered, and that helped tremendously. As my boyfriend says, men east of Germany usually have the blonde girl=sex associations from watching too much Baywatch, haha!

If you are of the fair colouring, traveling alone, be prepared to deal with the advances... you'll get them. Also, know how to get to where you go. Don't appear lost (even if you are) because that will draw the guys to you. Lastly, befriend fellow travellers staying at your accomedations. Not only do you get to meet new people, but you may find people interested in doin' the same things as you.

It's not so much a safety issue, it's an issue of being overwhlemed by men if you aren't prepared for it. I warned a co-worker about the issue since she is much lighter than I. She thought I was over-exaggerating until she tried to go to a shop alone.
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