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Gobi Desert Overview

There are 2 options to visit Gobi Dessert in Mongolia. One can either take a bus which will take 2 days or to take a flight. Dalanzadgad Airport is the gateway to Gobi Desert. The flight journey takes about 1.30hours. There are two local airlines ( Eznis Air and Hunnu Air) operating Ulaan Baatar - Dalanzadgad route and they are using small airplanes. Therefore seats are limited. One should have make booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

There are 3 main sites to see in South Gobi:

The famous Khongor Sand Dune or Singing Dune
The Mongolia’s largest sand dunes, reaching heights of 800 meters. Here you have an option to ride on two humped Bacterian camels.

Bayanzag Zag or Flaming Cliff
This is the site where Roy Chapman Andrews and his team discovered the first nest of dinosaur eggs the world had ever seen on Jul13, 1923

Yolyn Am or Eagle Valley
Located in the foothills of the Altai Mountains. The valley’s remnant streams create ice formations which you may find in the mouth of the valley as late as July. Trekking through the valley is the only activity here and if you are lucky, you may see Ibex!