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Goa, Bangalore, Jaipur and Others Reviews

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Aug 20, 2007
India like anywhere has its highs and lows. Knowing what to pack and where to pack it is essential, especially if you are a backpacker and are travelling to a budget.

What to pack if travelling during monsoon season:


waterproof and easily packed away taking up little space and weight

Mosquito Repellant & Bite cream

These little blighters come out in swarms during humid evenings. Don't get caught unarmed!

Light Longsleeved shirts (muslin or cotton)

Don't be mislead, downpour or not the sun can burn in seconds when you least imagine. Also in some places you will be required to cover yourself.

Rehydrating sachets

If you are not used to spicey food (well even if you are) chances are you'll suffer tummy upset at some point. Rehydration is essential - India is too hot and can make you quite ill if you are dehydrated.

Fresh Wipes

Will cool you and keep you fresh especially when travelling by road. dust Smog and heat are a terribly uncomfortable combination. Also if no room to pack loo roll they come in very handy as toilet roll can be scarce!

Plasters and sterile swabs

Blisters and cuts are unavoidable but you really need to keep them clean especially when touring innercities because you will find lots of open sewerage often plagued by flies. Keep all open wounds covered.


Wear something sensible on your head that is lightweight and will stop you receiving sunstroke.

Lonely Planet Guide

Absolutely the essential travellers tool. Will keep you informed to budget accommodation and places to visit. Reviews from this guide saved us alot of time and money.

Biros & Ballpoint Pens

The kids will go crazy if you hand out a few of these to them and a smile from a child so easily pleased is worth seeing.

Paracetemol & Ibuprofen

Painkillers are always handy but if you suffer from swollen feet due to heat then theres nothing like Ibuprofen and Paracetemol is a sure way to null the pain of tummy ache, heat stroke or some nasty bites.

Anything else you can buy there for next to nothing. If you would like to view some pictures or read a more detailed account of travels through India check out my reviews and travelling_matt's blogs. We've travelled India together although Matt may be able to give you more advice as he is often there on business.

Hope i've helped

Poca x
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