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Aug 17, 2007
Can't miss sights in Europe? First off, get yourself to Switzerland, fast. It's a small country, with big big views, that will totally surprise you. Go to Lauterbrunnen in the German speaking part of the country, in the Bernese alps - most gorgeous natural place I have seen, with over 70 waterfalls, pristine snow-capped alps, and wide verdant valleys. You will love it, no question. Also, Switzerland has French and Italian speaking parts as well, so you can test out all your language skills. Go to a winery in one of the small towns bordering French speaking Lausanne - I was the only American around, visiting with my Swiss friend, and the vineyards are gorgeous as they stretch down the steep slopes to Lake Geneva (which is so big, it could pass for a very calm sea).

Next, if you want sheer history, romance, and the classic European experience, head to Paris. One of those cities you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Napoleon's Arc, Sacre Couer, the Seine, the Louvre, Versailles. No other description necessary. (You can read my blog if you want to know more.)

Then there's Spain, which is so varied - both in climate, personality, and language. Barcelona is just straight up cool, Valencia is very non-touristy and authentic, and San Sebastian is probably my favorite European city (baroque old quarter, amazing food and wine, stunning coastline, the friendliest people I met in Spain - despite the whole association with ETA violence).

Copenhagen, Denmark is Scandinavian cool and very cozy in the colder months, with little firepots set outside all the shops in the Nyhavn district. Stroget is this long, pedestrian cobbled street that winds through shops, restaurants, bars, you name it. And you can see the Little Mermaid statue (that is if it hasn't been beheaded or vandalized in some other way, which happens all the time), or Charles Rodin's "The Thinker" (which I stumbled across when aimlessly wandering through one of the city's museums).

And don't forget - Iceland is technically part of Europe! Reyjkavik is a funky little city and Iceland itself is really otherworldly looking. You can also fly to Europe on Icelandair from the states, plus add a stop over for up to 7 days no extra cost in Iceland - I used it to get to Denmark and it also helps break up the trip (Iceland is something like only 5 hours from the Northeast).

There's a whole lot more to see in Europe, and I've still got countries on my next to visit list! Have fun!
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