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Glendale is a center plop on the west side of Phoenix, it is a growing old neighborhood that is quickly getting shoved out to make room for new housing, football stadiums and shopping. Glendale has some amazing authentic mexican restaurants which specialize in the weekend menudo and other soups, barbacoa tacos, and other cuisine.

During the summer months on 67th ave there is a small farm who sells only white sweet corn and tomatoes, they have for the past 30 years and that is how they put there kids and grandkids through college. This is some of the best corn and tomatoes I have had in my life. I swear they soak the corn in some addictive substance to keep locals coming back and we do just like crack heads lining up for their fix. We are there first hot weekend in May checking for the sign and holding our $5 bill in our hands. On average there are 15 cars there at any given time.

Glendale is now known for the Cardinal stadium and the superbowl. Luke Air Force base which is a pilot training base and has been known in past years for the F16 and F15 fleet, the F15's were recently grounded.

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